• July 23, 2024

A Delivery Driver Killed Someone Trying To Rob Them, And Now They’re Being Charged With…

A pizza delivery driver in Texas was just doing his job when two teen boys tried to rob him Tuesday night, unbeknownst to the robbers he was ready to fight them.

The two teenagers had tried to rob a Papa John’s delivery driver around 10:30 p.m. in the 8100 block of Southwestern Boulevard, Dallas police said. That’s located in The Village, a large development in the area.

The driver was making a delivery at an apartment when he was approached by two 15-year-olds who were armed with guns.

KTVT reports that the robbers demanded the delivery driver hand over everything of value he had on his person. However, instead of emptying his pockets, the driver brandished his own firearm, shooting both would-be robbers.

According to police, both suspects were shot with one dying from his injuries and the other receiving emergency medical treatment at a local hospital. Incredibly, the pizza delivery driver walked away with no injuries. However, his troubles were only just beginning.

The driver, who police said had a license to carry, pulled out his own gun and fired at the two teens, killing one and injuring the other.

Brooke Salata lives two doors down from where the shooting happened. She came home to the scene outside her building with police combing the area.

She said two detectives came to her door and told her the pizza delivery was for her apartment, but she said she didn’t order a pizza and wasn’t home at the time.

“They asked me where I’ve been and did I order a pizza, did I see anything? Have I heard from anyone or anything like that,” she said.

Dallas police wouldn’t say if that suggests the robbers were trying to lure the delivery driver into a trap.

Meanwhile, speaking out for the driver, Abigail Tooley said that her friend was merely protecting himself from what could’ve been a far worse outcome. She relayed the driver’s alleged reasoning, explaining that he had assessed the situation and determined that the only way to ensure his own survival was to open fire.

“He didn’t go into an insane amount of detail but he did let me know he had his license and that he ended up shooting one or another of them,” Tooley stated. “He felt comfortable enough to open and he said that he had two guys come up to him at gunpoint with guns to his head and he told me, ‘I had my concealed gun license and I didn’t know what else to do besides self-defense.’”

The delivery driver was not injured, while the injured suspect was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and is facing charges for aggravated robbery.

The case will now go to a grand jury for a review of the driver’s actions, which is standard protocol in a case like this.

Papa John’s said they’re cooperating with law enforcement, but wouldn’t release details about what the driver said happened or if they allow employees to carry while on the job.

Watch the video report below for more details:

Sources: Taphaps, KDFW, KTVT

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