• July 13, 2024

A Man Found Something Buried In His Lawn That Absolutely Floored Him…

We’ve all seen it in the movies, someone who buries a stash of money during tough times, with hopes of coming back to retrieve it in the future.

Turns out, it happens in real life, which this couple in South Jersey learned first-hand when they dug up money dating back almost 100 years in their front yard.

Homes built in the early-to-mid-1900s often belonged to a generation of people who said, “Don’t waste money calling a repairman, I’ll do it myself.”  That said, most people don’t find bundles of cash buried in the yard.

However, this is exactly what happened to Richard and Suzanne Gilson when they were doing some landscaping at their New Jersey home.

It all started when the Gilsons decided to excavate their front yard last month, with no idea that they were about to unearth a piece of history in the form of old money.

While digging, Richard began hitting the glass and encountered what he thought were root balls.

When Richard looked closer, he realized what he’d initially thought were root balls, were actually money wrapped in burlap.

There were two burlap balls with money stuffed inside of them, they had been in a glass jar that had since broken. Each burlap money ball contained rolled-up $10’s and $20’s that amounted to $1000, and they had the date 1934 on them.

In the year 1934, the Great Depression would have been in full swing, which puts into perspective how important something like this would have been to someone back then.

Not to mention, you won’t believe how much that would be in today’s dollars. In 1934, $2,000 would have been a whopping $40,000 in today’s money

According to AWM:

The Gilsons became very curious about who buried the money. And as they began to look up information about their property from the 1930s, they soon uncovered the truth. The man who buried the cash was James Dempsey. He instructed his daughter to bury the money back during the Great Depression as a way to protect their savings.

However, the family buried the money and then forgot about it. Instead of being able to rely on their hidden treasure, they lost it and never reclaimed it for themselves. Now the GIlsons have got the riches.

Watch the video report below for more details:

Source: AWM

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