• July 24, 2024

A Model’s Eyes Were GOUGED OUT OF HER HEAD After Her Sister Went After Her In A Drug Fueled Rage Attack….

Elizaveta Dubrovina had idolized her sister’s image for years and tried her hardest to imitate Stefania’s appearance – from hairstyles to make-up routines. Stefania, on the other hand, had turned 17 in 2016 and was beginning to receive modeling opportunities, which accompanied the attention of men.

However, 19-year-old Elizaveta’s idolization had turned into uncontrollable envy, and she had reached a heinous breaking point.

The Russian sisters Elizaveta Dubrovina and Stefania Dubrovina seemed very close and loving of one another. The sisters had spent time in orphanages as children. It, therefore, came as a huge shock to family, friends, and the community when Elizaveta, turned on her younger sister and stabbed her to death.

The sisters were allegedly “partying,” in the home of Stefania’s older boyfriend Alexey Fateev who is 44 years old. Alexey reportedly left the two sisters alone in his St. Petersburg apartment while he went to buy some wine. Leaving the two sisters who had been drinking and consuming “drugs,” though unclear what they consumed.

But no one couldn’t imagine what happen next as a social media video shows the two sisters riding in the back of a car. They were both laughing and teasing the camera, just hours before the murder. Because once Alexey left, a sibling fight broke out between the two sisters.

During their altercation, which was allegedly fueled by drug use, Elizaveta flew into a vicious frenzy. She stabbed her sister 189 times, puncturing her internal organs as she did so. She stabbed her sister in the head, neck, torso, arms, and legs. Along with having her ear removed, Stefania also had her eyes gouged out. The sister she thought had looked after she abandoned her to bleed to death and suffer.

At the time of the killing, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, citing law enforcement sources, reported that Stefania’s body was “almost ruined by cutting performed by the girl’s elder sister”.

When Alexey got home, he discovered Stefania’s dismembered body and was able to catch Elizaveta before she could flee. She was later detained and accused of “murder with particular cruelty.” Elizaveta was cuffed and held in a glass box during court proceedings, with no indications of feeling or remorse.

Although Elizaveta faced up to 25 years in prison for her sister’s murder, she finally received 13 years, according to the prosecution, who also noted that there are pictures of the two sisters hugging one other.

The girls’ aunt described the horrible events as a “shocking tragedy” and claimed that whenever she thinks about the graphic details of her niece’s crime, her “blood turns to ice.”

The mothers of the girls, however, have shown to be in favor of Elizaveta and have previously hinted that Stefania’s older lover, Alexey, is to blame for her daughter’s passing. But Elizaveta has absolutely “no remorse” for what she did to her younger sister, according to court documents.

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