• July 24, 2024

A Mother Just Revealed That The Baby Formula Shortage Is As Bad As It’s Ever Been…

I think we’ve all forgotten about the baby formula nightmare.

It’s taken a backseat to so many other nightmares. But in case you didn’t realize it. It’s still going on. There is still a huge shortage of baby formula in many areas, and thanks to Biden’s inflation, if you can find some on his bare shelves, the cost is skyrocketing, just like everything else.

I don’t know about you, but my grocery bill looks like a car payment nowadays. And I don’t have young kids, so my heart goes out to these struggling new parents.

Joe Biden’s America is hell on earth for so many people. 

CNET reported:

Yes, people are STILL struggling to find baby formula. They said that you’re not alone if you’re struggling to find baby formula for your child in recent months. The baby formula shortage took US parents by surprise earlier this spring and summer, and many scrambled to find a suitable formula that their babies were able to eat. While access issues have eased for some within the last few months, the effects of the shortage are still being felt by others.

It’s so bad that the piece goes on to tell mothers who can’t find baby formula, to call their doctors and see if they can get “samples.”

If you can’t find your formula, call your pediatrician to see if they have any in stock. Pediatricians often get samples of different formulas and may be able to help out, Dr. Steven Abelowitz, pediatrician and medical director of Coastal Kids, told CNET in May. Doctors also may have samples left over from formula representatives.

Gee, how long would a “sample” last, 4 hours?

So, while the baby formula situation has been placed on the back burner, it’s still very raw and real for many people, and American parents are suffering. One mother joined Fox and Friends, where she shared what she was going through in terms of trying to feed her 7-month-old baby… and the cost that she’s paying for the formula she can find is insane.

Here is what people are saying online:

“So much is going wrong with Joe’s America that you can’t keep up.” 

“abort the leftists. keep the babies” 

“The FDA has wildly different standards when comparing baby formula and covid shots.

“We need baby formula.” – American mothers. “But muh Trump and the MAGA Republicans are a threat to Democracy.” – Biden.”

“The attack on children, from infant to teenager, by this fraudulent evil administration is unprecedented in US history. Families can’t find formula for their babies yet we can send the corrupt Ukrainian dictator over $50 billion US taxpayer dollars. They inundate our kids with sexual depravity and perversion via our public school systems. They allow an invasion on our southern border that promotes the dissemination of fentanyl all the while enriching the Mexican cartels and the CCP. They indoctrinate our kids with demonic lies about the founding of our country. If the Marxist globalist democrats are not defeated this November the experiment in the greatest country God ever ordained is over. God may very well say “it’s time”.

“Hate to say this, but they’re just trying to get ahead of the curve.In their sick twisted minds, what do you need baby formula for when you’re pushing abortion on demand..”

” Biden sure is making out big on formula. Maybe they keep a lot in his Delaware basement because he can’t chew so much anymore.”

This is an outrage, and it doesn’t get enough attention.

As I said, too many other Biden nightmares have taken center stage. Let’s hope these moms remember this when they’re at the voting polls in November. The less power Biden and his commie Handlers have, the better for everyone.

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