• July 13, 2024

Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Just Posted Some Extremely Racy Photos That Have Daddy Losing His Mind….

Alec Baldwin‘s 26-year-old daughter Ireland Baldwin is turning up the heat on Instagram.

Ireland made some major waves online when she threw on a sexy bodysuit for some sensual selfies.

While her last name may be associated largely with her infamous father who was making headlines recently about the ‘Rust’ shooting case, actor Alec Baldwin, and her cousin, model Hailey Bieber, whose father is Alec’s brother, Stephen, Ireland has certainly proven over the years that she is her own person and a force to be reckoned with

Ireland displayed her many tattoos in the lingerie photos, kneeling on the floor as she struck three different poses.

“Going out in @fleurdumalnyc” Ireland captioned the steamy pics.

The label’s stunning “Gardenia” bodysuit features ivory lace underwire cups and lace detail at the stomach along with silk trim at the bottom.

Ireland is always posting sexy photos on Instagram and just the other day she posted a photo of herself sunbathing in a seriously plunging brown bikini top with the caption, “Definitely has been nice getting a little sun in California considering I am now whiter than translucent rice from living in Oregon. My skin is like… wtf is this?!”

The day before that, she posted a slideshow of photos from her recent vacation, and in one photo of herself, she was completely naked with no makeup on while covering herself up with a glass bottle of beer. She captioned the photos, “This trip has been fabulous. We’ve been drinking because the world’s ending, I got to hold baby chicks, AND I got to go to the world famous crochet museum. In case you didn’t know, I collect crochet items so this was a major bucket list moment for ya girl.”

More details on Ireland’s abusive relationship from AWM:

Ireland Baldwin was recently in the tabloids after revealing how her ex-boyfriends had made some disturbing remarks. She shared the story of her former flames in a viral TikTok video that thousands of people have seen. In the video, Alec Baldwin’s daughter claimed that her exes threatened her with physical violence and even encouraged her not to eat food when she was hungry.

According to Ireland, one of her exes admitted that he wanted to “f**k” her mother, Kim Basinger. Another ex-boyfriend threatened to “smash” Ireland’s face against a wall in a fit of uncontrolled rage.

Meanwhile, other comments made by her cruel lovers were, “Are you really going to eat all that?” and “You’ll never be as beautiful as your mom. I’ve always wanted to f**k her.”and “I bet you don’t even remember what you did last night. You’re so f**king embarrassing.”

The exes also said things like, “I’m just not really attracted to you like that.” And “When I get home, I’m going to smash your face against the wall.” And “If you break up with me, I’m going to post these videos of you.”

Because Ireland Baldwin had a famous dad, her exes would sometimes date her in order to further their careers.

Some questions that she said her ex-boyfriends asked her included these:

“‘Do you think your dad would get an audition for SNL? You know, I’m really funny.”

“Do you think your dad will help me get into NYU?”

“Do you think you could get me a modeling contract?”

“No beer! Beer makes you fat!”

Baldwin previously opened up about her “really abusive relationship” with an ex-boyfriend on an episode of “Red Table Talk” on Facebook Watch with Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

“And I did go to a treatment center,” Baldwin said. “I’ve been through a lot of different kinds of abuse.”

She added, “I had been abusive to people unknowingly because I’m not hitting them or getting physical. There was a lot of learning I had to do and a lot of acceptance of, ‘Okay, wait, that was abusive behavior: I was an abuser towards someone else.’ But at that time, I just hit a total breaking point, and I was self-medicating with Xanax, and I was drinking, and I have a lot of alcoholism and drug addiction in my family.”

Source: AWM

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