• July 13, 2024

ALERT: Sparks Flying At The Arizona Audit!

The sparks keep flying in Arizona as the audit keeps dragging on. There are some Republicans who are fighting against this GOP-led state Senate in regards to this audit.

As the fight storms on between the Democrats and the Senate leadership in that state, many questions have arisen as to why continues to be adamant in their refusal to release information. Some of the biggest sparks to fly would have to be in Maricopa County, and they have only grown in stature since the audit was announced. Now, there are many individuals who are concerned regarding the questionable results of the election. Somehow, Joe Biden beat President Trump by over 45,000 votes in Maricopa County. However, registered Republicans outnumbered Democrats by a margin of over 100,000. This county contains 60% of the state’s residents, and it allowed Biden to carry the entire state by only 10,000 votes.

Democrats are desperate to stop this audit from happening. They even want to take the issue to court so that they can block the Senate from taking control of the election records and equipment. They are now refusing to give the Senate a variety of things, including access to electronic equipment such as computers and routers and passwords. The senate is now threatening subpoenas.

Former President Donald Trump also released a statement regarding his theories about the actions of the Democrats. Naturally, this angered some RINOS and it led to an argument within the GOP.

“The whole entire database of Maricopa County in Arizona had been DELETED! This is an illegal action and it has caused the Arizona State Senate to be in arms because they are leading the Forensic Audit. Additionally, there were some seals broken on the boxes that held the votes, meaning that the ballots are missing, and even worse than that,” Trump said.

According to reports by Newsmax, “The most recent flare-up ignited when Fann sent a letter Wednesday to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors complaining of the county’s failure to comply with the first round of subpoenas. Auditors also had discovered problems regarding a chain of custody with ballots and evidence of database files being deleted from the election management computer.”

This is likely what former President Trump is referring to. Yes, it is possible that Trump blew it out of proportion, but this information is still seriously concerning. Of course, if you ask any of the RINOs in Arizona they will simply just give a halfhearted response because they don’t really care about the underlying problem. Simply put, these RINOs just want to get on the good side of Democrats by seizing upon the opportunity to attack Trump.

Despite repeated attacks from the RINOs and stonewalling from the Democrats, the audit is still going on. The American people deserve to have an answer to their questions, and they may get one this time.

If Trump was the only one who was concerned about the results of this election it wouldn’t be so bad. However, a recent poll conducted by the Arizona public affairs firm HighGround Inc shows that 78% of GOP members believe that Joe Biden was elected due to fraud. The results from this firm are also backed up by national polls, so this is very troubling indeed.

What do you think about how things are going at the Arizona election audits? As always, your comments would be appreciated!

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