• July 23, 2024

Are Illegal Immigrant Children Responsible For A Highly Contagious Illness That Has Been…

We are currently witnessing an increase in dangerous diseases being transported across the border and into almost every U.S. state by illegal immigrants. This is just one more illustration of how President Joe Biden’s wide-open border policies are jeopardizing every American – especially our children.

A recent revelation claims that despite the fact that thousands of them are carrying the deadly TB disease, Biden’s administration is letting them enter the nation, particularly youngsters.

One other illustration of how unqualified Biden is to serve as our president is this health issue.

The Washington Times stated on Tuesday that the data shows that almost 2,5000 kids with latent tuberculosis infections had been released into 44 states inside the United States.

“About 126,000 total were released, indicating an infection rate of 1 in 50 migrant children,” the Times added, also pointing out that COVID-19 has also been rampant.

Healthline says that Tuberculosis (TB), which was once called consumption, “is a highly infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs.”

“According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.5 million people died from the disease in 2020,” the site added. “Tuberculosis is also the 13th leading cause of death globally. Currently, it’s the second main infectious cause of death, after COVID-19.”

“TB is most common in developing countries, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 7,000 cases were reported in the United States in 2020,” the site reported. It also listed Mexico and other Latin American countries, China and many other Asian countries, and India among others as prime territory for outbreaks of the disease.

According to the Times, the Biden administration justified the release of thousands of disease-carrying children into the United States by arguing that it is unable to provide medical care since it only holds children for a brief period before releasing them and TB treatment takes three to nine months.

The liberal, non-governmental organizations that deal with illegal immigrants in the US also don’t follow through on medical treatment.

These NGOs frequently rush children through the system without acknowledging or treating their medical conditions.

The paper contacted the Virginia Department of Health, which said in a statement, “We do not know how often the sponsors follow through on treatment. By the time outreach takes place, the child has sometimes moved to another area or state.”

According to current immigration laws, the Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol must in just a few weeks transfer custody of unaccompanied immigrant children to the Department of Health and Human Services. Therefore, the method does not make it possible to evaluate a child’s physical state and medical background.

The HHS acknowledged that it had no method to safely keep youngsters who have infections like HIV or even to isolate young people who have a criminal record, a violent past, or who have expressed threats of sexually predatory behavior. And that doesn’t even take into account the risk of STDs that these children are exposed to because so many of them experience sexual assault and rape on the journey here.

The Health Department, in fact, has no way to follow young people with such troublesome histories, and it has no idea where young illegal immigrants like those end up once they arrive in the United States.

Because it takes so long for TB to develop and because it can spread swiftly before anybody even realizes it exists, TB is very deadly. It was once among the leading murderers in America before the modern period. But everything here demonstrates how Biden’s crazy border ideas put all of us in danger.

The issue is that Biden has left the U.S. border so wide open that there isn’t enough time to examine the influx of illegal immigrants.

These kids end up attending our schools right next to all of our kids, and we are now witnessing serious diseases being introduced into the country by them.

A genuine president would not release disease-ridden, illegal immigrants into our community the way Biden is doing.

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