• July 24, 2024

Are Woke Banks Prepping To Monitor Your Social Media…

Conservative British politician Nigel Farage is sounding a warning that individuals who are deemed to have the wrong political views could find themselves without access to a bank.

Banks are now “highly politically active,” Farage said, according to Breitbart.

Farage was de-banked because his political opinions did not align with those of his bank, which turned tail and relented when Farage went public.

“The argument I’ve been making is if they can do it to me, they can certainly do it to you,” said Farage, an architect of Brexit.

“What we do know is the British clearing banks are now working with some of the credit agencies to put in place word checks on the social media accounts of their customers. You can see the direction… we are literally on the verge of this happening. So we really have to start shouting,” he said.


Farag said banks using Environmental, Social and Governance programs employ “wokies” who “are just filled with an almost hatred for people who don’t subscribe to their world view,” he said, as banks determine the worthiness of customers according to their social media activities.

Farage said “thousands and thousands” of individuals who have shared their banking nightmares with him.

In one instance, he said, a depositor refused to explain why he wanted to withdraw cash, which was termed “abuse of staff” leading to the account being closed.

“I’m beginning to have the impression this is much, much bigger than any of us could have contemplated,” he said, according to the Telegraph.

“This is about the right to free speech, about having a country where people are treated fairly in an age when you frankly can’t function on a personal level, let alone a business level, without a bank account,” he said.


American banks play the same game, Jay Hobbs wrote on the website of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

He noted that, among other examples. JPMorgan Chase required the National Committee for Religious Freedom to disclose names of its donors, and who it might support politically as a precondition of reopening an account it summarily had closed.

“This pattern of debanking cannot continue unchallenged. Our nation’s founders understood that the primary function of government is to protect God-given, pre-political rights. That means threats to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness don’t need to come from the government to cause real harm,” he wrote.

“At this fractured time in our national history, business leaders have a vital role to play — and that includes (perhaps most prominently) those in C-suite positions at banks and other financial institutions. It’s time for these leaders to step up, and to use their considerable influence to reject debanking once and for all,” he added.


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