• July 25, 2024

Biden Has a Terrifying ‘Senior Moment’

Biden Has a Terrifying ‘Senior Moment’ – This Should Alarm Every Voting American

For years, critics have raised concerns about Joe Biden’s mental state. The man has shown many signs of cognitive decline. Even at his best, Biden appears lethargic and confused. Many polls suggest voters doubt his fitness to lead, even as he fights for a second term.

To the shock of many, neither the White House nor the Democratic Party are willing to admit this. The evidence seems overwhelming that Biden is too old to function as president.

Yet, liberals continue to maintain that he is perfectly fine. Just this week, President Biden attended a large Juneteenth event at the White House. He stood beside Kamala and many other attendees as they sang along with a performance. That’s when Biden showed the worst sign of decline yet.

From Fox News:
President Biden appeared to freeze during Monday’s Juneteenth celebration at the White House.

Biden, 81, was filmed standing still as stone while those around him, including Vice President Kamala Harris, clapped and danced to a concert featuring gospel singer Kirk Franklin.

Video shows Biden staring blankly and not moving an inch for about 30 seconds before Philonise Floyd — the brother of George Floyd, whose murder triggered nationwide riots in 2020 — noticed the president and put his arm around him. Biden then smiles as Floyd leans in to say something, and they bump fists after exchanging a few words.

Can anyone continue to say Biden is perfectly healthy after seeing this? The president is stone still for several minutes as music plays and people clap and sing. His face was frozen in a confused smile. Only after a bystander puts his arm around him does Biden snap out of it. But only a little bit. Even when Philonise talks to him, Biden still seems like he’s on another planet.

What was going on? Was the robot rebooting? Was this Manchurian candidate receiving new programming from his overlords? Or was the aging man experiencing a serious and troubling “episode” that illustrates his rapid decline?

It is not okay for the President of the United States to be suffering from this level of mental ailment. It is even worse for an entire political party to pretend nothing is wrong. But we know this “emperor” has no clothes. And even as liberals try to shield Biden from humiliating himself, we all see it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden freezes for several minutes during a Juneteenth celebration.
  • The president is stone still, smiling blankly as bystanders sing and clap.
  • This comes as many Americans believe he is suffering from age-related cognitive decline.

Source: Fox News


Mick Farthing

Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.

Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.


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