• July 24, 2024

BREAKING: Emergency Response Following 911 Call From Barack Obama’s Mansion!

This has got to be one of the most insane stories that I can imagine in recent memory. We all know that Barack Obama likes to spend the majority of his time these days communing with the people…I’m sorry, I meant to say living it up in the nation’s richest neighborhood.

In the waters off Martha’s Vineyard, a paddleboarder went missing on Sunday. His body has now been discovered.

Divers pulled the corpse of the 43-year-old man from Edgartown Great Pond, where the Obama family’s $12 million estate is located, just before 10 am, according to Massachusetts State Police.

According to authorities, “MSP Underwater Recovery Unit divers made the recovery after a Massachusetts Environmental Police Officer deployed side-scan sonar from a boat and located the victim’s body.”

In water that was about eight feet deep, the recovery was accomplished about 100 feet from the coast.

The Obamas’ Martha’s Vineyard house was the location of the 911 call and the incident’s dispatch address, according to the Daily Mail. If the previous president was staying at the estate at the time is unknown.

Around 7:46 p.m., police were called to the pond near Turkeyland Cove after receiving a complaint that a male paddleboarder had fallen into the water.

According to investigators, the individual briefly struggled to stay on the surface before disappearing and not coming back.

When the man went beneath the water, another paddleboarder who was with him at the time witnessed it.

Several organizations, including the Edgartown Fire Department, the island-wide fire departments, the local police, the State Police Air Wing, investigators, the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office, and the Coast Guard.

Despite divers’ best efforts, searches continued all night.

A pause was declared to give dive teams, flight crews, and other responders time to reassess and consider their options. On Monday morning, the search was continued.

The Daily Allegiant