• July 24, 2024

Carbon Monoxide Filled Their House, How This Small Child Saved Her Family Is Amazing!

Quick insightful thinking helped a young girl in Massachusetts save her family from impending death.

As a powerful nor’easter raged across the area last week, a house in Massachusetts was one of many without power for days.

The family decided to use a generator and said it was only in use for about 10 minutes.

One family member, who did not give her name, said they thought the generator was in a safe position, but she and other family members were quickly overtaken by potentially deadly carbon monoxide.

“I thought it was just a headache, then after that, maybe 2-3 minutes, I didn’t feel anything after that,” she said.

She added that she then fell unconscious. That’s when her daughter, 9-year-old Jayline Brandao, sprang into action.

“I heard my dad screaming, and I went and I saw my mom passed out,” she said.

Staying calm, Jayline grabbed her dad’s phone to call 911 but ran into a problem. The phone was locked, and he was overtaken by the odorless gas.

“So, I unlocked it by using my dad’s face,” Jayline said.

When measured, the carbon monoxide reading in their home came in at over 1,000 parts per million — sustained levels over 150 ppm can cause unconsciousness and death, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

According to Brockton Fire Department Chief Brian Nardelli, the Brandãos was one of about 20 cases of carbon monoxide issues they saw after the storm.

Jayline’s parents know they owe their lives to their resourceful daughter, their own personal hero.

“She was so smart,” Marcelina Brandão said, according to CNN “That was very scary. If it wasn’t (for) her to call right away, I don’t know what would have happened.”

“I wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t in the house.”

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