• July 25, 2024

‘China’s Negligence’ on COVID-19 Resulted in $18T in Damage to U.S. Economy

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The COVID-19 hysteria and pandemic-related policies led to damages of $18 trillion in the American economy — the result of China creating the virus inside of its country.

The news came a few years after tyrannical lockdown policies and other measures damaged small businesses all across the United States.

The Heritage Foundation’s Nonpartisan Commission on China and COVID-19 found that the pandemic’s total cost added up to around $18 trillion and included that information in its report that was viewed by Fox Business.

The number represents over $8.6 trillion due to excess deaths, over $1.825 trillion in income lost, $6 trillion from chronic conditions from “long COVID”, as well as mental health loss at about $1 trillion, the news source wrote.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exacted a staggering toll on the United States, both in human lives and in economic terms. The total estimated cost of $18.007 trillion is a stark reminder of the profound impact this global health crisis has had on the nation. By understanding and acknowledging these costs, we can lay the groundwork for holding accountable those whose negligence or overt actions exacerbated the pandemic’s severity,” the report said.

From 2020 to 2022, the excess deaths totaled 1,476,457 in the United States. Real GDP took a hit and was 2.5% below what it had been projected to be during that time.

The commission also confirmed the widely-known information that the virus “very likely stemmed from a research-related incident in Wuhan, China.”

“Although it remains theoretically possible that COVID-19 emerged via zoonosis in the wild or spillover in a wet market (spillover is a virus originating in animals before it passes to humans), there is no evidentiary basis for either of these hypotheses despite extensive testing over four years,” the commission stated.

In the report, the commission also suggested that Congress should conduct “a review of China’s negligence and cover-up as well as an evaluation of domestic policies that were implemented,” create a task force that can help with claims against the Chinese government, facilitate the filing of lawsuits against the communist regime, decouple American and Chinese commercial supply chains and audit all American funding for any biomedical research that is taking place in China.


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