• July 23, 2024

EWWW! This Middle School “Licking Game” Is Proof That Teachers Are Grooming…

The recent incident at Desert Hills Middle School in Washington, as reported by NBC, has raised concerns about the questionable nature of a game held during a fundraising assembly. The game, which involved a licking contest between students and teachers, has been cleared by the school district as “innocent” and “not grooming.” However, as conservatives, we must question the appropriateness of such activities in our schools and the potential consequences of normalizing such behavior.

Despite the school district’s investigation concluding that the activity was “innocent and not ill-intended,” and that there was no indication of grooming, the very idea of a “licking contest” is enough to cause alarm. Why would a middle school even consider hosting such an event?

The situation becomes even more concerning when we learn that not only were students participating, but also teachers and staff members. This is a clear example of a complete lack of judgment and an inappropriate mingling of roles between educators and students.

The Blaze provided further insight into the controversial school activity, describing the game in detail:

“On both sides of the plexiglass, marshmallow cream was smeared in four distinct areas. Then, a team of students raced against a team of staff members — which reportedly included a vice principal — to see which side could lick all the cream off first. The most disturbing moments of the game occurred when students and adults, separated only by a clear piece of plexiglass, were licking the cream at the same time.”

The mother of a student who recorded the incident remains troubled by the event and appears to doubt the so-called “innocent” intentions of those who organized and participated in it. As conservatives, we cannot help but share her concerns.

If any parent were to see their middle school child participating in such a game against an adult, the outrage would be a natural reaction. This activity seems far more suitable for a college fraternity party or a bachelorette event, rather than an educational setting meant to foster growth and learning.


It is crucial to ask whether this incident is simply an example of innocent fun or a more sinister indication of how some public schools are sexualizing and grooming our children at every opportunity. We must remain vigilant in protecting our children from inappropriate behavior and maintain a strong stance against those who attempt to undermine our values.

We must continue to hold our schools accountable for their actions and question the motives behind activities that seem to cross the boundaries of propriety. It is our responsibility as parents, community members, and conservative thinkers to ensure that our educational institutions maintain a high standard of conduct and create a safe environment for our children to learn and grow.

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