• July 16, 2024

Fauxcahontas Two: Liberal ‘Native American’ Professor EXPOSED, As White As The Driven Snow….

In yet another case of deception and cultural appropriation, a professor’s lifelong claims of Native American heritage crumble under scrutiny, exposing the disturbing trend of exploiting minority identities for personal gain.

A California professor who spent her entire life claiming to be Native American has now admitted to being White, highlighting the disturbing trend of individuals exploiting minority identities for personal gain.

Elizabeth Hoover, an associate professor at the University of California Berkeley‘s environmental science and policy management department, confessed that her claims of being Mohawk and Mi’kmaq were based on “incomplete information” and a lack of due diligence. Her dishonesty has led to undeserved access to resources and opportunities intended for underrepresented groups, demonstrating a brazen disregard for those truly in need.

Despite her previous insistence on her Native American heritage, Hoover now acknowledges that she should have verified the family stories that formed the basis of her identity. Her failure to do so has caused harm not only to Native communities but also to those who trusted and supported her.

Hoover’s fraudulent claims granted her access to protests, food summits, and funding opportunities designed to uplift underrepresented communities. By taking advantage of these resources, she effectively robbed Native Americans of the support and visibility they truly deserve.

Following her public apology, it was revealed that her story unraveled quickly upon investigation, casting doubt on her sincerity and raising questions about her motivations. A petition demanding Hoover’s resignation garnered over 350 signatures last November, reflecting the deep outrage felt by the community.

Despite the damage she has caused, Hoover remains employed at Berkeley, where her research has focused on “Native American food systems, Native American environmental health movements, and Indigenous uses of fire.” Her continued presence at the university is a stark reminder of the injustices that persist when individuals exploit minority identities for their own benefit.

Hoover’s case is a prime example of the rampant cultural appropriation and dishonesty that plagues academia and society at large. By acknowledging the harm she has caused, Hoover can only hope to rebuild trust and demonstrate true remorse. However, her actions serve as a wake-up call for all to be vigilant and uncompromising in holding individuals accountable for their claims of identity and heritage.

Sources: TredingPolitics, NYPost

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