• June 22, 2024

For The First Time In Weeks, Tucker Carlson Has Broken His Silence…..

An intriguing revelation has surfaced, putting former Fox News host Tucker Carlson back in the spotlight, this time involving a startling disclosure about the circumstances surrounding his sudden departure from Fox News.

Chadwick Moore, Carlson’s biographer, has made a striking claim that counters the narrative spun by Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News about the renowned conservative commentator’s termination.

With a cryptic set of eyes emoji, Carlson drew public attention to Moore’s brief interview where he unveiled insider details about Carlson’s situation, courtesy of his access to the television personality for an upcoming biography. Moore’s revelations pertain to the period surrounding Carlson’s sudden dismissal in mid-April, and they hinge on corroborated sources from within Fox News. They confirm a shocking truth – that Dominion indeed issued a demand for Carlson’s firing, a fact consistently denied by both Dominion and Fox News.

Moore brings to light information that contradicts official reports, insisting that well-placed sources had affirmed even before the news broke out that Dominion’s demand for Carlson’s firing was a bona fide condition of the settlement with Fox.

If this is true, it means that a small cabal with controlling interest in Dominion successfully quelled arguably the most influential conservative voice in America,” Moore noted in his interview.

If validated, this revelation aligns with the outcomes of a covert sting operation, which allegedly caught a Fox News producer confirming the validity of Dominion’s demand. Additionally, Axios has reported that a member of the Fox News board admitted to Carlson that his dismissal was indeed tied to the substantial $787 million settlement.

This gripping chronicle of Carlson’s dramatic ascent and subsequent fall is slated for release on July 18th. Eager readers can ensure they don’t miss out by pre-ordering at www.tuckerthebook.com.

In the wake of his abrupt exit from Fox, Carlson has announced his next venture – a novel show exclusively on Twitter. This strategic move has earned praise from tech titan Elon Musk, who has also used it as a call to arms for other media figures to follow suit and rally behind the banner of free speech on his platform. The conservative icon’s trajectory is emblematic of the perseverance and determination of the conservative movement, which continues to resist the silencing of its voices, irrespective of the odds.

Sources: TrendingPolitics, Axios

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