• July 13, 2024

GOP Congressman Says Secret Service ‘Destroyed’ White House Cocaine: ‘They Blew The Thing Up’

U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett claimed that Secret Service physically destroyed the cocaine found in the White House after reportedly concluding their investigation with zero suspects or interviews during an appearance on Fox News.

Burchett told Maria Bartiromo of Fox News the Secret Service chose to “blow up” the bag of cocaine, apparently using procedures for biohazards in the process.

“Apparently when they went in and got the bag, they treated it as a biological entity and for some reason destroyed it,” said Burchett.

He added, “To me, it just seems like they would go in there with the hazmat suits on, put it in a protective bag, and take it to a lab for analysis, but instead, apparently, they blew the thing up.” He described the debacle as “a complete joke and a nightmare.”

Fox News host Jesse Watters aired an excerpt of Burchett’s interview with Bartiromo during his prime-time show:

This development comes after the Secret Service reportedly concluded its investigation with zero identifiable fingerprints, DNA, or interviews conducted. The high traffic in the area the bag was reportedly discovered combined with poor security camera coverage of the White House “cubbies” where the bag was left were blamed for the lack of suspects and ineffectual investigation.

Republicans have repeatedly wondered if the cocaine could be connected to Hunter Biden, who is both reported to be living at the White House and has had a long, public battle with cocaine and crack cocaine since 2014.

Though there is no evidence connecting Hunter Biden to the White House cocaine stash, the White House repeatedly refused to rule out the cocaine belonging to the First Son, and eventually settled on calling Republicans and conservative media “irresponsible” for questioning his involvement.


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