• July 17, 2024

HA! Biden’s Press Secretary Got ROASTED After An Absolutely Epic Blunder….

Since taking office, the Biden administration has been continuously criticized for its officials’ incompetence.

Whether it’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg fumbling from one transportation problem to the next, or Vice President Kamala Harris’ confusing remarks, administration officials have found it easy to make the country look silly.

But arguably no one in the Biden White House is a bigger embarrassment than press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre’s ineptness at news conferences, as well as her sloppy attempts to cover up her boss’s numerous gaffes and scandals, have become her the Biden administration’s court jester.

But none of that compares to her recent spectacular blunder on her X account, formerly known as Twitter.

On Tuesday, a post appeared on the press secretary’s X page that said, “Investing in America means investing in ALL of America. When I ran for President, I made a promise that I would leave no part of the country behind.”

The tweet was later taken down.

The flaw with this tweet is readily apparent. Jean-Pierre is not the president, and she has never sought the office. Many people realized that this tweet was made by mistake and that it was meant to come from President Joe Biden.

Jean-Pierre quickly became the target of merciless mocking on X as word of her blunder spread. Many people pointed out that this demonstrates Biden does not write his own tweets.

This was most likely the result of Jean-Pierre or a White House staffer forgetting to switch X accounts and sending a tweet from Jean-Pierre that was meant to come from Biden.

It should come as no surprise that Biden does not compose his own tweets. How could a man who can barely get through a speech without tripping over his words think coherently about X?

Even his staffers can no longer do business on X without embarrassing the administration.

The Daily Allegiant