• July 23, 2024

HA! Kamala Has Made Her Worst Blunder Yet, And Think Of The Ground That….

Despite common sense and basic human decency, the White House is letting Kamala Harris speak again. This “vice president” has failed to distinguish herself in this administration. She failed in her one task, to deal with the border crisis. Naturally, it is much, much worse thanks to her.

It seems her job, these days, is to show up at events and spend a lot of time saying nothing. During a “reproductive rights” event in Iowa, she tried to make an argument defending abortion. Harris rambled on and on about how a single parent will have to now spend money to travel to another state to abort her baby if she lives in a red state. And while doing so, just shot a hole in her boss’s presidency.

From Conservative Brief:

During a moderated event on “reproductive rights” in Iowa on Saturday, Harris said that most Americans would go “bankrupt” if they had an unexpected expense of $400, alluding to the fact that a sizeable portion of the country can’t afford to save much money because they are spending what they earn just to get by.

Oops! Harris complained that women in red states will have to buy a “plane, train, or bus” ticket to go to another state to get an abortion. She suggested this could ruin a woman because most “Americans are $400 unexpected expense away from bankruptcy.”

Uh… hey Harris, you do realize you just hammered Biden’s economy, right? While trying to defend abortion rights, Kamala admitted that under Joe, most Americans can’t afford a suddenly, $400 expense.

You can’t have it both ways, you guys. You can’t say America’s economy is doing great, then turn around and say most Americans are broke. It doesn’t work that way.

Yet the left seems to think they can play fast-and-loose with the truth and get away with it.

Harris also slammed dunked on her boss, by discussing how expensive travel is these days. She complained that this hypothetical woman, so eager to abort her baby, will have to shell out at least $400 for “gas.” Yep, that’s how much gasoline is costing us, these days.

If only Joe Biden bothered to free our natural resources, we wouldn’t have to worry about travel expenses, eh Kamala?

Not that this fact crossed her mind. Harris was too busy trampling her boss to push her radical, abortion-only agenda. Democrats don’t seem to like the fact that low-income women have access to options other than killing a child. They are fighting to get rid of centers that provide free care to pregnant women, so they can bring their pregnancies to full term.

And they apparently don’t care what wild, contradictory argument they have to use to push it.


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