• June 13, 2024

He Walked In With A Machete, What Happened Next Will…

When you thought that using a machete to threaten people will make you look cool, think again!

27-year-old Greg Morris was arrested and taken custody of after his ‘machete disturbance’ on local shops and restaurants in South Ogden, Utah.

Police have confirmed that Gregg has been driving around his gray Mazda swinging his machete out of his car window at a driver’s as they drove away with his family.

Then the South Ogden police department has received a call from Popeye’s that, “a man had been threatening people in the drive-thru lane and then approached the restaurant door.”

Then Greg Morris denied and told the police that he was only arguing with a drive-through speaker employee who he believed was ‘being rude but in fact, Morris was being belligerent and employees told him to leave then came to the point of coming to the front door brandishing a huge machete.”

Standard.Net reported:

Police from four cities converged on a Riverdale parking lot Saturday to arrest a man who allegedly threatened people with a machete at an Ogden Walmart and was in a dispute over a fast-food order in South Ogden.

A man told Ogden police he was in Walmart at 20th Street and Wall Avenue when a man he had parked next to approached him in the store and told him “not to go anywhere.” As the man was getting into his car, he saw the other man, later identified as Greg Morris, 27, now armed with a machete, approaching him. He drove away and called the police.

Morris was booked into the Weber County Jail without bail on suspicion of two counts of third-degree felony aggravated assault without bail.

This guy must be crazy.

Sources: DeepState Rabbit Hole, Standart.Net

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