• July 13, 2024

He Was In One Of The Greatest Movies Ever, Now He’s In HUGE Legal Trouble…

When people talk about the top movie musicals of all time, a lot of people think that Grease deserves to top that list. In fact, there are a lot of fans that think that Grease is the perfect musical. As a result, anyone who was involved in making the film has something to be proud of, including Eddie Deezen.

Unfortunately for Deezen, however, after years of success in the acting world, his life took a dramatic turn recently with him being charged with serious crimes.

For decades, character actor Eddie Deezen has been known as the stereotypical nerd and typecast in films like the 1970’s musical adaptation of Grease to play just that part. But after a recent incident escalated to physical assault and arrest, that image might be broken once and for all. Deezen has been arrested on multiple charges, including “second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and trespassing.”

The incident occurred at a restaurant in LaVale, Maryland, according to the report run by TMZ. For an unspecified reason, Deezen was “causing a scene” at the said restaurant and asked to leave. Deezen refused, even when law enforcement had arrived to escort him from the premises. Before his arrest, the actor assaulted the officers called to the scene by throwing objects at his eventual captors.

Since Eddie Deezen had never gotten into trouble before 2021, it was easy to assume his restaurant arrest was a strange blip in his life. As it would turn out, however, that wasn’t the case as the actor got arrested again in 2022 and the second time he was charged with an even more serious crime.

After all, according to Maryland Police, Eddie Deezen was charged with fourth-degree burglary, two counts of trespassing, and one count of disturbing the peace.

When People asked the Maryland police for a statement, this is how they described the situation that led to Eddie Deezen being charged with those crimes.

“According to a preliminary investigation, a female opened the door and Deezen pushed his way inside. She advised Deezen made unwanted entry into the residence and almost made it into one of the residence’s rooms before they were able to get him to exit the residence. She advised Deezen then went outside but refused to leave the property, which is posted with a no trespassing sign.” Furthermore, the police stated that there have been “several issues with Deezen leaving items at the residence and various types of notes with the items.”

On August 9th of 2022, Eddie Deezen’s recent criminal charges were put into a new perspective. After all, on that day it was announced that Deezen was being transferred to the Maryland Department of Health for treatment after being found not competent to stand trial.

According to court documents, Deezen is considered a danger to himself and others. Hopefully, Deezen will get the treatment he needs.

Sources: AWM, TMZ

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