• July 13, 2024

HERE WE GO: A “Royal Flush” Will Be Presented To The Supreme Court In July

Things have been getting incredibly interesting with the audits happening in various states across the country and now it may get even more interesting. In a recent interview, Mike Lindell sat down with Steve Bannon’s War Room show and said that some very big things are coming in July.

The interview started with a BANG as Lindell stated that he obtained evidence called “cyber packets”.

Now, what in the world are cyber-packets?

According to Lindell cyber packets are forensic evidence he received that shows “each flip and each attack from China” that occurred on election night.

However, that is not all.

Lindell also went on to say that he had hired a team of white hat hackers who have already validated all of the voter fraud evidence he has collected.

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Lindell also stated that he and his team now have a “royal flush” that will be presented to the Supreme Court in July.


Lindell closed the interview by saying Donald Trump will be President by the end of August since the evidence is so overwhelming that the Supreme Court would have to vote 9-0. Now, if Lindell truly believes that the SCOTUS would vote a clear 9-0 he must have found some rock-hard evidence that would have him say this out loud.

This isn’t the first time, Lindell said Trump would be President by August, he made the statements at the end of March too:

If you would like to watch more of the interview check it out here on Rumble:

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