• July 17, 2024

Leaked White House Memo Contains 3 Word DEMAND That May Indicate A Major Change Heading Our Way

Since Joe Biden was installed in the White House just a couple of short months ago, many of us are already used to his gaffes and blunders on television. Biden has always had these verbal missteps for decades, but as his health has declined they’ve only gotten worse with age. It’s also the reason that more than half of America DO NOT believe he won the 2020 elections.

Let’s get real,  the man couldn’t fill up 30 circles on a lawn, but somehow garnered 81 million votes?

Now onto the latest blunder from the Commander in Chief, and it’s yet another doozy. It’s also what most Americans feel is happening.

“Now, President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccine center in Arizona, not long ago,” Biden said. “One of the nurses on that, on that tour, injecting people, giving vaccinations, said that each shot is like administering a dose of hope.”

Biden’s called his sister his wife, he’s even bitten his wife’s finger when she was talking and moving her hands around during his presidential campaign. The man is clearly not all there, and it’s becoming sad to watch this train wreck unfold.

Remember when Biden couldn’t remember his Secretary of Defenses name? That was great, wasn’t it?

This leads me to question this next subtle move in the White House with Biden.

Many of us have wondered if the Biden administration was just a ruse to remove the ailing Joe and replace him with the socialist darling, Kamala Harris, and that just maybe the case with this leaked memo.

Take a look here:

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