• July 25, 2024

Left-Wing Propagandist Michael Moore Decries Biden Family’s ‘Elder Abuse’

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Propagandist filmmaker Michael Moore has accused the Biden family and the Democratic Party of “elder abuse” by making the faltering President Joe Biden run for re-election while clearly unfit to lead the nation, Mediaite reported.

Moore, in what appears to be an attempt to help the left force Biden out of the 2024 presidential race, claimed on the Rumble podcast that he was “gobsmacked” watching Biden’s pitiful debate performance last month.

“This is about whether he should serve another four days,” Moore said before railing against those who are allowing Biden to continue campaigning.

According to the director, he is “the only one to stand up for Joe Biden” by calling out “the cruelest form of elder abuse” that he has ever seen.

The abuse received by Biden was apparent in his “epic distress” the night of the debate, Moore continued. “Every cognitive default in his mind seemed to be shutting down.”

For Moore, even letting Biden on stage for the debate was irresponsible, and a sign that those around him are more interested in their own power than in what is best for Biden.

In other remarks during the interview, Moore even did the unthinkable–admit that former President Donald Trump was correct about Biden’s mental unfitness for office.

“Trump was right—I know, there’s words I’ve never spoken—Trump was right when he turned to Biden to ask him what his problem was as to why he never fires anybody,” he said.

For Moore, the only way for Biden to save his legacy is to resign, giving over the reins of the country to Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Be the one who not only stopped Trump but also the brave man who gave us our first woman in the Oval Office,” Moore said, addressing the president and praising Harris.

“She will complete your mission—and we will stand beside her,” he said. “This is your moment in history. Let the doctors examine you. Then do the right thing.”


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