• July 13, 2024

Major Food Supplier STOPS Operations For 90 Days

Everything that we are seeing happening in our nation and around the world has been planned by the global elites. They have one mission and one mission only and that is to tank the world economy forcing us into the global reset that would usher in the new world order.

The virus was just the beginning and it worked just as they had hoped it would.

People became panicked from the media hype that was on 24/7, begging the government for security, pleas for vaccines, then that turned into forced vaccinations that have then lead to mass lay-offs, that lead to gaps in employment, and so forth.

This has triggered a domino effect for all industries in the world. Inflation is sky-high, gas is going through the roof and the supply chain is breaking.

It has become so bad out there that one major supplier is now ceasing their operations for 90 days, citing, “global raw-material shortages” and “substantial delays” in procurement and production.

Storable food mega-supplier Augason Farms has stated:

“Regrettably, BCG [the parent company owner of Augason Farms] cannot fulfill your orders on time; therefore, this letter communicates our decision to suspend business for the next 90 days, effective immediately,” says an October 7th, 2021 letter issued by Mark Augason, President of Augason Farms, to Augason Farm’s distributors and retailers (see letter below).

“During these 90 days, we will secure and stockpile raw materials and take measures to accelerate our round-the-clock production output,” the letter continues. “We are confident that this reset period will help us better serve you with on-time, complete shipments in the future,” the letter adds.

Augason Farms has been a large-scale retailer on Amazon.com, Walmart, and many other retail outlets, typically offering non-organic dried fruits, vegetables and meal mixes to the preparedness and survival community.

The full letter is shown here:

In addition to this letter to its distributors and retailers, the Augason Farms website has announced it is no longer processing online orders from customers. “Due to an extremely high order volume through all sales channels we are currently not able to receive any orders through our website,” said an on-site message on Oct. 8th.

“We expect to turn this site back on just as soon as possible.”

Here is more from Natural News who broke this story:

If this continues, the mass starvation and power grid failures will probably kill far more people than COVID ever could.

Our own storable foods operations at HealthRangerStore.com have been heavily impacted by the collapsing food supply chain. As we reported weeks ago, commercial food purchase contracts that we traditionally signed with food providers for 12 months of food deliveries have all but vanished. Commercial food suppliers told us in July that they, “could not guarantee any food deliveries beyond 90 days out.” Suppliers that used to offer credit terms are now demanding payment upfront, or full payment upon delivery. And many commercial food orders are resulting in only partial deliveries, typically representing half of what was originally ordered.

The last time we put storable food buckets into our online inventory, they sold out in 90 minutes. We have remained out of stock ever since. (Our current production run will put items back into inventory on Nov. 11th, assuming the power grid stays up.)

There is no question whatsoever that the food supply chain in North America is rapidly collapsing. This is because elections have consequences, and the Democrats would seemingly rather see America locked down than working in productive jobs. If you pay people to stay home and not work, people will stay home and not work. Before long, the shelves are empty. It’s a page ripped right out of communist-style centrally-planned economies… which history has proven are horribly inefficient and lead to exactly the kind of supply chain failures we are witnessing at this very moment.

Those who remain in denial about this reality won’t be able to deny it for much longer, as the retail shelves are starting to run dry as well. Every nation, they say, is but nine meals away from a revolution. Those nine missed meals are arriving this winter, it seems.

We wish Augason Farms the best in resuming operations in 2022, should supply lines improve. However, we are extremely concerned that the picture is going to be far worse 90 days out. And those who fail to stockpile food in the next 30-60 days may find themselves literally starving to death in January / February (or begging FEMA for emergency food handouts).

The US power grid won’t even be reliably functioning by then, according to energy industry insiders. Hear the full details of the coming USA power grid blackouts in my most recent podcast:


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