• July 23, 2024

McCarthy Got Played: Democrats Joke About ‘Rolling’ The Speaker, Is He Really Their Secret Puppet?

Despite House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s attempts to market the newly passed “Fiscal Responsibility Act” as a win, the truth is this bill is a major victory for Democrats.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted 314-117 on Wednesday to pass the legislation, allowing for unlimited debt accumulation through January 1, 2025.

With more Democrats voting in favor of it (165) than Republicans (149), and members of the House Freedom Caucus overwhelmingly opposing it, it’s clear that Democrats have done well here.

The Fiscal (Ir)Responsibility Act includes only modest cuts to federal spending such as a clawback of $28 billion in unspent Covid funds and a $1.4 billion reduction from the IRS’s proposed budget – both paltry compared to what was initially promised by Republicans with their “Limit, Save, Grow Act” which sought to raise the debt ceiling by an estimated $1.5 trillion by March 2024.

In fact, while not included in the bill itself, McCarthy and President Joe Biden agreed to repurpose $20 billion in IRS funding over two years, further emphasizing how little this measure does towards fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction.

There are no provisions related to U.S border security at all – something that conservative politicians have been championing for some time now without much success.

Before even passing this bill into law, however, left-wing propaganda outlets like The Daily Beast were already advising their readership not to gloat about its passing or brand it as a win due to just how poor of a deal this actually is for conservatives.

This essentially confirms that they were aware of how weakly negotiated this deal was from our side before any votes had taken place.

Similarly, CNN interviews with economic adviser Bharat Ramamurti highlighted his excitement about preserving progressive accomplishments over the last two and half years – another sign that there’s nothing worth celebrating here when viewed from a conservative perspective.

Rep Brad Sherman summed up perfectly how Democrats feel about this measure when he remarked after its passage: “Now we are allowed to say it: we rolled them.”

It’s clear that despite Speaker McCarthy’s best efforts at pimping it otherwise, conservatives should be deeply disappointed with Wednesday’s vote on the Fiscal Responsibility Act – making it yet another defeat against Progressive policies pushed by those on the Left during Biden’s Presidency so far.


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