• May 23, 2024

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Booed at NFL Draft

(Headline USA) Michigan’s far-left Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was met with loud boos this weekend at the NFL Draft in Detroit.

“No one at the NFL Draft was booed louder than Gretchen Whitmer, The Lockdown Lady,” Outkick’s Bobby Burack tweeted.

The Detroit Lions hosted the draft from Thursday to Saturday. On the third day of the draft, the team traded up to land two players in the fourth round: Brigham Young University’s Giovanni Manu and Utah’s Sione Vaki.

The team asked Whitmer to announce their selection of Manu, but her entrance onto the NFL Draft stage was met with a mixed reaction.

Some cheered, but many more loudly booed Whitmer and greeted her with their thumbs down.

“It has been a historic week in the great city of Detroit,” Whitmer began as the boos were still audible.

“We have shown the world what the Motor City is all about,” she continued. “It is my honor to announce that the 2024 NFL Draft has now broken the all-time record: 700,000 and counting. So, thank you NFL fans and thank you Detroit.”

The humiliating rejection came as former President Donald Trump continues to surge among Michigan voters, beating President Joe Biden by eight points, according to a recent CNN poll.

The former president garnered 50% support from surveyed Michigan voters compared to Biden’s 42% in a hypothetical matchup.

Trump has held several campaign events in the state, targeting auto- and blue-collar workers who turned out for him in 2016. He predicted during an event in February that “most of the auto workers are going to vote for me” because of Biden’s economic and environmental policies.

“If we win Michigan, we win the election,” Trump said.

Whitmer has tried to hit back at Trump, saying in a recent statement that Michigan is “better off because President Biden has our backs” and claiming Trump has stood “squarely against workers.”


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