• July 25, 2024

Nashville Trans Shooter Was Heavily Medicated Psych Patient Since Age 8

(Ken Silva, Headline USA) The Tennessee Star continues to publish bombshell reports on Nashville mass shooter Audrey Hale, including two articles last week on the transgender killer’s troubling mental health history.

Hale, a 28-year-old woman who was identifying as a man at the time of the mass shooting, gunned down three Christian children and three adults in March 2023 before being killed by law enforcement.

The Star published a search warrant on Friday, which revealed that Hale began receiving treatment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on April 23, 2001, when the shooter was just six-years-old.

That information came from a search warrant affidavit from a police officer who said he believes there is a strong possibility that Hale confided to a VUMC staff member about violent fantasies.

The Star also revealed last Thursday that Hale was given access to Buspirone, Lexapro or Escitalopram, Hydroxyzine, and a sodium chloride nasal spray by doctors at VUMC.

The Star reported that Hale’s autopsy doesn’t note any medications found in her stomach.

“However, Medical News Today reports that using Lexapro and Buspirone simultaneously, or Lexapro and Hydroxyzine simultaneously, can ‘increase the risk of side effects’ from both Lexapro and the other drugs, meaning Hale’s mental state could have been adversely impacted at the time of her March 27, 2023 attack,” the newspaper reported.

The Star’s articles last week followed another June 3 report, where the newspaper revealed that one of Hale’s psychiatrists failed to report the transgender killer’s murder fantasies to law enforcement—a legal and ethical violation. Furthermore, the psychologist, whom the Star didn’t name, closed her practice just 86 days prior to Hale’s murderous March 27, 2023, attack at the Covenant School.

VUMC has not commented on the matter. The organization didn’t respond to a media inquiry from this publication.

Along with the details about Hale’s mental healthcare, The Star has published new excepts from Hale’s “manifesto,” as well as information that Hale purchased firearms with a a federal Pell Grant.

News about how Hale obtained weapons was first reported by Tennessee radio host Brian Wilson, who said that Hale “took money from an education grant she received to purchase her weapons and to pay for training at a local gun range.”

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