• July 17, 2024

Obama’s Ex Spills Beans Over His Repeated Fantasy…

Biographer David Garrow said in an interview that former president Barack Obama once confessed to fantasizing about having sex with other guys.

In a letter to a lover at the time, the former president wrote about his fantasies, Garrow told Tablet magazine in the interview. According to Garrow, Emory University presently holds the redacted version of the letter.

According to Garrow, the ex-girlfriend gave Tablet a copy of the letter but censored one passage, which she said was about “homosexuality.”

“Sometime, right about when Rising Star came out, Alex indirectly sold the original, sold those letters, and they ended up at Emory,” Garrow told Tablet while discussing his 2017 biography of Obama, “Rising Star,” which touched on Obama reportedly dreaming about homosexuality. “So Emory put out a press release saying, ‘We’ve gotten these rare letters by Barack Obama.’ And no mention of this paragraph that was too sensitive. None of the papers mentioned it. Emory didn’t mention it.”

“So I emailed Harvey [Klehr], said, ‘Go to the Emory archives.’ He’s spent his whole life at Emory, but they won’t let him take pictures,” Garrow said later in the interview. “So Harvey has to sit there with a pencil and copy out the graph where Barack writes to Alex about how he repeatedly fantasizes about making love to men.”

Obama wed Michelle Obama, a previous first lady, in 1992.


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