• July 24, 2024

She Died In Her Hotel Room After Making A Fatal Mistake In The Bathroom….

In a freak accident, a “beautiful” 21-year-old woman died in the famous Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. Chloe Haynes’, mother revealed that she “woke up in the middle of the night and mistook a wardrobe for the toilet door, which instantly fell and crushed her.”

Her mom, Nicola Williams, 49, says she is determined to find “every detail” of how the “petite and beautiful” daughter she nicknamed “birdy” lost her life.

Chloe traveled to Liverpool for a night out and was sharing a room at the city center hotel, owned by Britannia, with her colleague, who found her body and raised the alarm.

Chloe’s mom, Williams, from Wrexham in North Wales, said:

“Chloe left Pwllheli around 7.40 pm, and they went to the Adelphi. There was some sort of engagement party or something. By midnight, she had been drinking shots and so on, and she was a bit drunk, so her friend took her back to the hotel to sleep it off, and then he’s gone back out. It seems she has got up out of the bed confused, not knowing where she is, and she’s opened the door of the wardrobe may be thinking it is the toilet or the door to go back out of the room. It was a big, old, heavy wardrobe, and it’s fallen on her and crushed her windpipe.”

On Chloe’s loss, her heartbroken mother said,

“She loved animals, she had a little dog called Archie she was obsessed with. There are so many photos of them together. My little nickname for her was birdy. She was so petite and little, and when she ate she was like a little bird. She was quiet, she was somebody who didn’t speak unless it needed saying.”

Liverpool Council spokesperson revealed, “We can confirm that we are carrying out a health and safety investigation into a death at the Adelphi Hotel on September 10.” Currently, Britannia Hotels operates the famous Adelphi, which has hosted many celebrities and personalities from the past, including former Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, and Harold Wilson. Other famous names include artists such as Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Bob Dylan.

The friend shouted for help, and two men from nearby rooms rushed over to help. They lifted the wardrobe off of Haynes, but it was too late for the young socialite. Nevertheless, emergency services were called, and these professionals tried their best to resuscitate the young woman, but there was nothing they could do to bring her back from the dead.

Following this tragic death, Detective Chief Inspector Lynsay Armbruster commented,

“We are in the very early stages of the investigation, and are trying to determine the circumstances around the young woman’s death.” “I would appeal to anyone who was in the hotel in the early hours of this morning who may have seen, or heard anything, at all to come forward,” she added. As per the police report, three men were initially taken into custody, during the investigation by Merseyside Police, but were later released after they concluded that Chloe Haynes died “accidentally.”

Our prayers go out to this young woman and her family.

Source: AWM

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