• July 24, 2024

She Was Flashing Small Boys At A Swimming Pool, And They Have Finally….

A Georgia TikTok star Kylie Strickland, who has 261,500 followers, was arrested recently after Troup County Sheriff’s Office discovered a video clip in which she allegedly flashed to minor boys at a swimming pool.

The Daily Beast reports that Strickland, 30, faces charges after a video began making its rounds on TikTok on June 28 that depicts a woman exposing her breasts to two young children in a swimming pool.

In a Livestream, Strickland recorded herself in a swimsuit with another adult woman and two underage boys. During the video, Strickland lifts her swim top, laughing. The arrest warrant reveals that she is facing charges for computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation, a felony in Georgia, according to police.

“It’s not my responsibility to parent someone else’s child. Those kids go to mud rides,” she said.

Strickland’s TikTok page is now set to private. She posts using the name @kylie.strickland3. According to reports, she has used her platform to speak out against domestic abuse. Strickland revealed she is making $1,000 a month through her TikTok videos.

Strickland grew up in Georgia and is the daughter of a man who owns a pizza restaurant. She told reporters that she also makes $80,000 a month through an OnlyFans account, which has a sexually explicit cover photo.

A screenshot also circulated on social media revealed the alleged text message conversation between the 30-year-old and one of the minor’s parents. It showed that the parent seemed to be completely okay with the incident and did not consider it to be a serious issue.

In another video, Strickland showcased text messages between herself and one of the parents of the boys.

“What’s up? [redacted] just called me and [redacted] they was [to] make sure we wasn’t made about you showing them [sic] boys your tits. I told them heck no, I ain’t. I’m proud of them, so you cool with me.”

Strickland showed her reply back to the parent. She wrote: “I figured you didn’t care, but just wanted to make sure. Probably shouldn’t have done it. [Redacted] so that’s my fault, but I just wanted to make sure y’all wasn’t upset about it.”

When the father replied, he made it clear that he was not bothered that his underage son saw the 30-year-old’s breasts.

“Nah, you good, someone done got mad [sic] they had to pay to see them and the boys didn’t.”

In a news release, the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, in LaGrange, wrote that it had commenced a “TikTok video investigation.”

“On June 28th, investigators with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office were made aware of a TikTok video that had been circulated which appeared to show an adult female expose her breast to two young boys in a swimming pool,” the Sheriff’s Department wrote in a news release posted to its Facebook page.

“Other people can also be heard in the background and seen in the video. After a diligent investigation, it has been determined that this act occurred in another county outside of our jurisdiction, specifically Pike County, Georgia.”

The department noted, “Our investigators have spoken with Pike County Sheriff’s Office investigators and will continue to work with them for any information they require from our team. While we understand the emotions that this video caused, we always take our time when investigating any case, especially of one originating on social media. Any further questions or concerns you may have, you can direct those to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office.”

Sources: AWM, The Daily Beast

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