• July 23, 2024

Shocking Footage Shows Human Traffickers Trying To Kidnap Teenagers, Then Some Brave People Stepped In…

The hard truth: Sex trafficking is rampant across America, according to authorities and people trying to end sex trafficking.

In a recent trial in Texas, a surveillance camera at a business in Plano, Texas, recorded the haunting moment when a teenage girl manages to escape from her captor in broad daylight.

The video footage was recorded in broad daylight at Plano’s bustling Shops at Legacy, a popular urban shopping and entertainment center in January of 2021, and surfaced recently in the trial of a now-convicted human trafficker, Ricky Stevenson.

The criminal sex trafficker stomps on a young girl’s foot and then punches her in the face. Next, he drags her by the hair into his vehicle where she escapes and passers-by begin showing up wondering what is going on.

Thankfully, witnesses at the scene intervened, allowing the victim to escape from Stevenson.

The girl was only 16 when kidnapped and forced into prostitution for a year before finally escaping.

Stevenson was later caught and sentenced to 59 years in prison at trial on a number of felonies related to human trafficking, including sex crimes.

The shocking footage, which emerged from the trial, can be seen here:

Watch it here: Instagram/Video

The case is the just latest horrifying example of human sex trafficking in North Texas and activists say that the underbelly of society has become well entrenched in the Dallas suburbs.

As recently reported by National File, a 15-year-old girl from the suburb of North Richland Hills was kidnapped from a Dallas Mavericks game and taken out of state where she was raped and trafficked for days on end. While Dallas authorities and the NBA reportedly refused to act, an anti-trafficking non-profit located her and contacted law enforcement where she was being held. Police executed a raid on an Oklahoma City hotel, freeing the girl and likely saving her life, arresting multiple suspects in the process.

You can watch the video report from CBS here: CBS/Youtube

Sources: 100percentfedup, CBSnews

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