• July 17, 2024

Staffers REVEAL The Extent OF Joe Biden’s Decline!

We know things are getting worse for Biden, it’s an open secret to all Americans that mainstream media is trying to downplay.

In fact, it is the reason for his cratering poll numbers – his mental state is way worse than we can imagine. This elderly sick man is in way over his head and can’t handle the job.

The majority of Americans see this feeble, senile, shaky old man who looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home, and they feel fear, anger, and insecurity… and all the country’s problems sadly make sense.

The worst part is that the people we thought can help us pretend like it’s not happening. The media and much of DC act as if we don’t have eyes and ears and can’t see what’s actually happening, or they think that silly “childhood stutter” excuse will actually fly.

Wayne Dupree commented further: 

It’s insulting and infuriating and it draws even more attention to Joe’s sickness and makes the whole thing feel like the “Truman Show.”

And Joe isn’t getting any better. As a matter of fact, it looks and sounds like his health and mental state are rapidly declining.

I don’t see how Joe can make it another 3 months, let alone 3 more years. My goodness, he’ll be a bag of dust by then.

And what’s really scary to think about is that what you and I see is the “polished up” version of Joe. This is him being coached and practicing and probably given a few medical cocktails as well.

Just imagine what he’s like behind the scenes at the White House, and how hard it is for the staff to treat the so-called “president” as a nursing home patient.

Good thing we have a conservative pundit who will tell us exactly what’s happening inside. Here’s what Dr. Scott said:

“Heard from a source who has family inside the Joe Biden White House. They said there are regular occurrences of Joe getting LOST inside the WH and staff having to show him where to go. The specific comment was, “It’s sad”. Where are the media demands for cognitive testing?”

And here’s what folks online are saying:

This is not “sad” it is TERRIFYING! #BeijingBiden has obvious symptoms of dementia and cannot possibly remain as POTUS. IF he will not resign, he MUST BE REMOVED! #25thAmendment time!”

“We don’t know the half! I’m sure there’s a nursing home there & in Delaware. I envision a micheal jackson environment”

His spouse @FLOTU is the most evil person in DC! How could a loving spouse allow this? There must be something very valuable that she is receiving for abusing Joe this way! She needs to be charged with elder abuse and investigated. She makes me sick!”

“Media failing in so many ways—this don’t ask-don’t tell Media approach is increasingly egregious, even though an obvious national security risk.”

This time we have the chance to change it all for doing this to us, let’s punish them in 2022. We deserve better than some confused, wandering buffoon.

Source: WayneDupree

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