• April 14, 2024

The Latest Court Ordered Pfizer Drop PROVES We Have Been LIED TO!

A little over a year after the Pfizer mRNA vaccine was approved for emergency use in the USA and new documents show a lot was kept from the public.

The FDA has been court-ordered to release the full data and they are doing so in increments. The data shows that the Biden administration kept a lot from the public.

Dr. Naomi Wolf who was thrown off Twitter for voicing her opinion about the vaccine goes over the latest documents released by the FDA and they are a doozy.

Below is the full video.

Those aren’t Pfizer’s only problems they have just been notified they are going to have to eat $1.4 billion.

The pharmaceutical giant had a deal with European Commission and vaccine manufacturers and Poland was the biggest consumer. But, the eastern Europe country has informed the commission and Pfizer that they are pulling out of the deal.

Citing an oversupply and financial hardships from the influx of Ukrainian refugees Poland is walking away from Pfizer.

From Healthworld:

“At the end of last week, we used the force majeure clause and informed both the European Commission and the main vaccine producer that we are refusing to take these vaccines at the moment and we are also refusing to pay,” Polish health minister Adam Niedzielski told private broadcaster TVN24.

Polish officials told the commission that they are trying to cut costs wherever they can because they are financially stressed over the number of Ukrainian refugees flooding the country. Also, officials hinted that the mRNA vaccine hasn’t been all it was cracked up to be and that they have an oversupply of doses. Reports in the media have indicated that despite the European crisis Pfizer ignored Polish officials who in good faith wanted to renegotiate.

From Politico:

Niedzielski explained that the improving pandemic situation meant that there was less need for vaccines. The Ukrainian refugee crisis, meanwhile, had stretched the public finances. He added that the government had tried to reach a compromise, asking for deliveries to be staggered over the course of 10 years, but “we encountered a complete lack of flexibility on the part of the producers.”

There you have it, big pharma who has claimed for two years they are here to help the world refuses to help a country that taking the brunt of the crisis in Ukraine.

“It’s a major financial burden,” Niedzielski lamented about their deal with Pfizer. “Poland is facing serious financial strains related to the influx of refugees.”

Pfizer isn’t the only mRNA distributor that is about to eat millions of dollars, Moderna is having similar problems in Africa.

African health officials have informed Moderna that they no longer need their services.

Yahoo Finance reports:

For a while there was a supply constraint to a world where there’s too many vaccines today. I don’t if you saw yesterday, the Africa CDC announced that they were taking no more donations in Q1 or Q2 this year, maybe in Q3 and Q4, because we have too many vaccines.

We had two years to get prepared for the last mile delivery, getting enough health care workers trained, fridges, and so on so vaccine could be available in low-income countries when they would be available. And now we are seeing this big oversupply of vaccines, including, for example, in the case of Moderna. But then it’s the same for other companies.

Moderna and Pfizer are learning that life comes at you fast.



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