• July 17, 2024

The Number of Illegal Aliens Who Crossed Biden’s Border Is More than the Population of These THIRTY FIVE STATES…


Back in October 2022, the Federation of American Immigration Reform, or FAIR Organization, released their fiscal year 2022 immigration numbers.

FAIR.org estimated that 5.5 million illegal aliens had entered the United States by crossing over the open border with Mexico since Joe Biden entered office.

That number has reached 7 million today nearly one year later.

On his first day in office Joe Biden opened the US southern border to millions of unknown, illegal migrants from every corner of the world.

FAIR.org reported on Joe Biden’s actions to flood America with millions of illegal aliens.

  • Throughout the 2020 campaign, President Biden promised to extend amnesty to illegal aliens in the United States.
  • On his first day in office, President Biden sent an immigration bill to Congress that included an amnesty program and pledged his support to give illegal aliens a path to citizenship.
  • The Biden administration immediately issued an executive order directing agencies to take steps to preserve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
  • The Biden administration stopped construction of the border wall.
  • The Biden administration expanded the grounds for claiming asylum by reversing legal opinions issued under the Trump Administration.
  • The Biden administration ended the Asylum Cooperative Agreements (ACAs) with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras which required migrants to apply for asylum in one of the countries through which they traveled (and be denied) as a prerequisite to eligibility for asylum in the United States.[11]
  • The Biden administration issued a policy to exempt unaccompanied minors and family units from expulsion under Title 42, releasing these populations into the U.S.
  • The Biden administration revived the Obama Administration’s policy of allowing immigration judges to administratively close deportation cases.
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued policies that make it easier to apply for benefits, including work permits, extended and expanded programs like Temporary Protected Status, eliminated the ability of officers to issue Notices to Appear (NTAs), and reduced screening and vetting in order to process more petitions and applications.

Now that the borders are open the Biden administration is releasing THOUSANDS of illegal alien children with tuberculosis across the US.

More than 7 million illegals have entered the US under Joe Biden’s watch.

Joe Biden has brought in more illegal aliens in three years than the total population of 35 states!

These 15 states have more population than the 7 million illegals allowed into the US under Joe Biden.

And these 35 states have less population than the 7 million illegals brought into the US under Joe Biden.

The only reason this could happen is if Democrats and Uniparty Republicans are purposely trying to destroy this country.
At this point, there is no other explanation.


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