• July 23, 2024

They Said The Airline Forced Them To Strip Naked, And Took Them To…

A recent incident involving a high-profile comedian and YouTuber revealed a distressing encounter with American Airlines, where she was compelled to undress publicly due to alleged ‘inappropriate’ attire, sparking outrage and scrutiny.

A public figure known for her humor and online presence, Chrissie Mayr found herself at the center of an incident that was anything but funny. Allegedly, Chrissie and her companion were compelled by the airline staff to undress in public at the boarding gate on account of what was deemed ‘inappropriate’ attire.

The social media sensation recounted her journey with friend Keanu Thompson from Las Vegas to Dallas, Texas. They believed they had picked a reputable airline for their trip, but their perception took a stark turn at the gate when they were ordered by the gate agent to disrobe completely.

In a Twitter expose, Chrissie detailed the outfits that she and Keanu were donning. Her choice of attire was glittery, flared pants paired with a cropped long-sleeve top to match, while Keanu was dressed in a long, jungle-themed skirt adorned with slits down her thighs and a bikini top that left her shoulders and arms bare.

Rather than being allowed to board, the pair was instructed to change their pants right at the gate. However, the shorts they changed into turned out to be as provocative, if not more so, than their initial outfits.

Outraged by the event, Chrissie vociferously proclaimed, “THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT A REWARDS MEMBER.”

While speaking to Daily Mail about the mortifying event, Chrissie stated, “It was such a humiliating situation, and I am convinced this wouldn’t have happened to us if we were trans, obese, or people of color.”

Expanding on the incident, she said, “They didn’t specify what was wrong with our pants; the man at the gate simply touched my arm and stated: ‘Come with me. I need to talk to you… you have to change your pants.’”

Chrissie went on to express how the tense situation pressured her to comply immediately or risk being denied boarding.

She said, “It was such a high-stress situation; I felt compelled to do what he said immediately, or we would lose our chance to board. We also had commitments in Austin the next day (we’re comedians), so we didn’t want any delays.

“I wish he had courteously suggested, ‘Ladies, please take a few minutes, go to the restroom, and find something else to wear.’ But he didn’t explain why our attire was inappropriate, nor did he suggest what would be acceptable. So, in a frenzy, I just grabbed the first thing from my luggage, which were a couple of pairs of shorts. All our other bags had already been checked. Then another gate attendant told me that my carry-on bag also had to be checked in due to lack of overhead space. So, we had no opportunity to change into something else during the flight.”

In a jaw-dropping twist, Chrissie and her friend were made to undress “with no cover” in front of other passengers because the gate agent disapproved of their outfits.

American Airlines later issued a response following the incident.

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