• July 17, 2024

They Thought It Would Be Hilarious To Cover Their Kitchen In Peanut Butter, Then They Found Out The…

Teenagers are known for trying various tactics to push their parents’ buttons. However, one teen, heavily influenced by content on TikTok, took things to an extreme by smothering their parents’ entire kitchen in heaps of peanut butter. This “humorous” prank turned out to be anything but amusing for the household.

The mastermind behind this peculiar prank was 19-year-old Corbin Millet. He opted to cover his parents’ kitchen in sticky peanut butter without considering that he would likely be the one responsible for cleaning the entire mess. Undeterred, Millet used a whopping twenty-eight pounds of peanut butter to coat every surface of the kitchen.

Millet failed to fully think through his prank and appreciate everything his parents had given him. Instead, he jeopardized his relationship with them to gain additional likes and followers on TikTok. Many people fear that this app is monitoring American consumer habits and gathering vast amounts of confidential data on Americans’ lifestyles. Millet’s prank offered TikTok a wealth of information about the foolish actions American teenagers can take when provided with too much freedom and resources by their loving parents.

As Millet had hoped, his peanut butter prank attracted considerable attention on TikTok. He had recently created an account and posted the peanut butter prank video, hoping to quickly boost his following by sharing the stunt with millions of users on the Chinese social media platform.

To Millet’s delight, his peanut butter prank went viral on TikTok. His parents, on the other hand, were far from thrilled with his peculiar attempt to achieve internet fame. The post generated buzz because of its uniqueness and oddity, leading people to question why American teens are willing to torment their parents with pranks like this one.

“I needed to start my new account with a bang,” Millet stated in the New York Post.

Millet’s video has amassed more than 38 million views on TikTok, where millions of people gather to watch and share video content. There are claims that TikTok is secretly collecting information about Americans, much like Corbin Millet, who reveal their inner thoughts through their videos.

The video bears the caption, “Covering my parents’ kitchen in peanut butter.”

Millet, a nineteen-year-old from Pennsylvania, lived an ordinary life until his peanut butter prank became an international viral sensation. With his newfound TikTok fame, Millet is now enjoying the life he has always dreamed of – even if it only lasts for the next fifteen minutes.



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