• July 23, 2024

They Were Cooking Something With Meat In It, And Their Vegan Neighbor Wrote Them A Note That Is Totally…

There was a collective gasp in the neighborhood when a woman’s culinary routine set off an unexpected feud. Fanning out from her kitchen window was the enticing aroma of sizzling meat, triggering a written protest from a vegan neighbor.

This handwritten grievance, detailing the ‘distress’ caused by the wafting smell of cooked meat, ignited a digital debate about the boundaries of personal lifestyle choices and neighborly consideration.

Etched in meticulous handwriting, the note came replete with a plea for sincerity, and underscored an ‘important message’. The drama unfolded in a neighborhood located in the northern fringes of Perth, specifically Burns Beach in Australia. Sarah, the woman who received this note, took the dispute to the world by sharing it on social media.

The note unceremoniously kicks off with a seemingly innocent salutation, “Hello, Neighbor.” It soon took a confrontational tone, “Could you please shut your side window when cooking, please? My family is vegan (we eat only plant-based food), and the smell of the meat you cook makes us feel sick and upset. We would appreciate your understanding.”

The sign-off bore the names “Sarah, Wayne, and kids,” all of whom subscribed to the vegan lifestyle, and desired a resolution to the ‘open window’ issue.

Sharing this letter online unleashed a torrent of responses, each illustrating the rift this note had engendered among internet users.

Some folks dismissed the vegan’s complaint as outlandish. They were quick to point out that had it been cigarette smoke invading their space, it would have been justified, but an aversion to the aroma of cooking meat hardly made the cut.

Some wondered aloud about the family’s experience with public barbecues and if they would ask for them to be put out. Others speculated that vegans seemed to inhabit an alternate reality, stating, “All vegetable farming has a massive impact on the land and kills thousands of small mammals and birds.”

Yet, there were voices of empathy, recognizing the sincerity in the vegan family’s plea. They felt that the scent of cooking meat could indeed be overpowering and a display of neighborly respect was not too much to ask.

Some respondents denounced public shaming of those who adhere to strong ethical morals. Others hinted at the animosity that vegans often faced, “Most people are downright nasty to people who don’t eat animals.”

An opposing sentiment emerged stating, “No one has the right to tell you how to live in your own home!” A general consensus among many comments upheld individual choices whether it involved being vegan or eating meat. The opinion summed up as, “No one has the right to push views on the other or expect to be able to control what they do. If she doesn’t like it, close her own window. Simple.”

With the debate far from a conclusion, one wonders: was the vegan family’s request an unjust imposition or a reasonable appeal for consideration?

Source: AWM

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