• April 20, 2024

This Hollywood Legend’s Malibu Mansion Is About To Fall Into The Ocean And Who It Is Will….

Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins‘ Malibu mansion is literally on the edge of destruction. The multi-million dollar Malibu home is just feet from falling off a cliff.

The Welsh actor’s $5 million beach home was still standing following the deadly fires which burnt his neighbor’s property to its foundations.

But the cliff edge has now turned to mud and is eroding away as the state experiences its wettest season in 40 years.  It can be seen in the photo a blue tarpaulin, netting, and scaffolding on the Silence of The Lambs actor’s house – suggesting repair work is being carried out on minor damage sustained in the fire.

More details from AWM:

As wintry storms ravage the state of California, mudslides run rampant as do widespread floods and other destructive incidents. Hopkins, along with others, risk having their homes fall off the faces of cliffs as the water erodes the precipices.

Although the home of the actor, who hails from Wales in the United Kingdom, was spared during the massive Woolsey fire, the rains have not been so nice to it. The fire scorched Hopkins’s neighbor’s home but left his miraculously untouched. But now fate seems to have finished the job as it eroded much of the cliff on his property.

The fire killed three people and burned thousands of homes, eating away at some 98,000 acres in November. It was responsible for leaving Hopkins’s property vulnerable to the downpour that is drowning the state right now.

California is having more rain this year than it has in forty years. The land is turning to mud.

Because his house nearly fell down the cliff, construction crews have arrived to help him, covering the home in a blue tarpaulin, as well as erecting scaffolding and netting over parts of the home, which means it could have been destroyed partly in the fire.

In February, which is one of the months in California’s rainy season, more than 18 trillion gallons of water fell onto the state. Despite the downpour, experts complain that the state failed to use the opportunity to collect the runoff and turn it into drinking water. However, the state did collect and recycle 20 percent of the rainwater.

Now, it appears Hopkins is ready to take a final bow from his Malibu, Calif., estate. He’s recently listed the storied Point Dume estate for $11.5 million, a substantial increase from the $3,795,000 he paid for it in 2001.

The imposing cliffside mansion has made news of its own thanks to its durability in the face of disaster. It withstood the deadly Woolsey fire in 2018, which burned down the house next door, and the mudslides caused by torrential rains in 2019.

Perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean between Zuma Beach and Point Dume, the property was built in the 1950s and spans roughly 4,000 square feet with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, two fireplaces, and a large living room, according to listing agent Santiago Arana of The Agency. The house sits on about an acre of land with a pool and a garden.

Hopkins, 82, bought the house, for about $3.8 million in 2001, records show. Arana said the actor, perhaps best known for his Academy Award-winning turn as Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs,” is selling because he wants to live closer to the city. The house is a roughly one-hour drive from downtown Los Angeles.

Even so, the listing suggests buyers will either “renovate or build your dream home in this prime location!”

The home’s prime location includes spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean clear out to Catalina Island, and down the coast to Palos Verdes.

Listing photos indicate Hopkins and his wife, Stella Arroyave, have left the premises, but have likely not gone far. In 2018 they purchased a newly constructed home in Pacific Palisades for $6.6 million, then bought the vintage 1940s Colonial next door for another $6 million.

Source: AWM

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