• July 17, 2024

This Network Host Forced To Apologize After Wardrobe Malfunction On Live Television…

Savannah Guthrie just gave us all the smiles we desperately needed.

It was too late to change her outfit choice for Savannah Guthrie, when she took to the ‘Today’ stage. Guthrie experienced a bit of a harmless wardrobe malfunction during Thursday’s Today show that had her co-anchors calling for a GIF of the moment.

Broadcasting from home, Guthrie was caught reaching down her shirt to retrieve her microphone, which had dropped down there moments before the segment began.

“Right before we came on, my mic, which was right here, dropped down my shirt, and I knew I was supposed to read the intro, so I just made a decision to reach out and get it,” Guthrie said as she recovered the wayward mic. Hoda Kotb thought the moment was hilarious, saying, “That timing was perfect. I see a meme in your future or a GIF.” Guthrie, meanwhile, insisted, “It was all very innocent!”

Guthrie has had her share of endearing candid moments as she has been anchoring the Today show from her home studio amid the pandemic.

She even had two surprise guests, daughter Vale, 5, and son Charley, 3, who climbed on her lap during an April 23 broadcast. “Who decided it was time to curl up and snuggle up with Savannah? Charley!” Kotb exclaimed at the time, adding to the adorable mother-son moment, “My blood pressure went down SG!”

“They multiplied! Now they’re both here,” Guthrie joked. “In the sixth week of home basement broadcasting, we’ve really broken the seal. The duct tape on the door has been lifted and here they are.” Kotb suggested they keep the heartwarming moment going, joking, “I think this should be our permanent morning boost, we’ll just keep referring back.”


Watch the video below:

According to AWM:

Nine journalist Fiona Willan committed a similar faux pas last year in September when she forgot to put one of her arms through the Toni Maticevski gown that she wore to the Midwinter Ball. Oops.

She told 9Honey:

“I quickly checked the photo on The Australian website [and] there it was. Plain as day. A big limp piece of fabric, shamelessly flailing around as I vainly struck a pose. Once it is seen, it cannot be unseen.”

Source: AWM

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