• July 17, 2024

This Nursing Home Was Forced To Apologize After How They Decided To Entertain Residents….

An official apology has been made after a nursing home in Taiwan hired a stripper to perform an adult act for its elderly residents. The Taoyuan Veterans Home is a state-run facility designed for retired army commanders, according to India Times.

The nursing home paid a stripper to perform for its elderly residents in wheelchairs while they observed Mid-Autumn Festival, a significant holiday in Chinese culture. The elderly facility faced intense backlash after a participant at the event posted a video of the stripper’s performance online which quickly went viral.

The sexy video depicts the masked exotic dancer giving an old man a lap dance and pressing her breasts into his face while wearing lace lingerie.

The man doesn’t appear to mind, however, and can be seen squeezing the woman’s assets as she enthusiastically writhes her body. Other nursing home patients appeared to enjoy the obscene performance as they eagerly clapped along.

But the senior care facility was hit with backlash. Now, upon receiving severe backlash, a spokesperson of the facility issued an official apology and also justified the intention of hiring the adult performer.

The spokeswoman claimed that the event was only planned as entertainment for the residents. It was only intended to make them happy. The spokesperson then reflected on the mistake and apologized to everyone who felt offended by the viral clip. He said, “The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offence that was caused.”

A spokeswoman for the nursing facility noted that the COVID outbreak had forced the nursing home to cancel Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations the previous two years. They scheduled the stripper to put on a show to cheer up the locals.

They did admit, though, that the erotic dancer’s antics were “very enthusiastic and fiery,” and they promised to be “more cautious” going forward.

Sources: Dailywire, Todayfm, News



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