• June 12, 2024

Trump Makes YUGE Announcement About His Next Move!

Ooooo, nelly! If there is one thing that Donald Trump knows how to do well is tick off liberals and stir up the mainstream media, and that is what he just did again.

Trump posted about how he has two book deals going on which of course, we all know would be amazing best sellers but Trump said he was focused on something else. That something else, has everyone running wild with their imaginations, especially since he said he’s “working on something much more important” right now.

Someone grab me a chair and butter me some popcorn cause it sounds like things are about to get wild up in here, right?

Of course, others joined in like me and are speculating all over the place.

See it here:

Another version:

I would say returning to the White House would be much bigger!

I’d say overturning the election would be much bigger!

Audits are much bigger!

Arresting Deep State players would be much bigger!

We don’t know yet what he meant, but I’d love to hear what you think he was referring to!

Or what do you HOPE it means?

Comment below…..?

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