• July 17, 2024

What Are UN Soldiers Doing On American Soil?

If it is not one thing it is totally another and here we are with the other.

If you remember earlier this year before Joe Biden was supposedly sworn in as president, there were many citizen journalists capturing strange things happening in D.C..

Many people were reporting that they had seen China troops at our border and then there were military movements happening off-shore that made people feel rather uneasy.

Now, there is this video that is making its rounds on the internet that is just completely troubling.

It shows a woman in a uniform who is dressed in United Nations garb claiming that the U.N. has set up a “compound” in Utah.

The unidentified woman explains that the “compound” is no longer U.S. soil which means that Americans have no right in the compound.

I don’t know about you but that made my blood turn cold.

In another portion of the video, the woman states that she does not want her face to be on video and keeps herself out of frame.

So, that means this video needs to be shared and shown to everyone in my opinion, and also a clear message needs to be sent.

It is the United Nations that does not have rights here and it is not the other way around.

They are the unwanted invader and need to be ousted from our land.

Are you with me?

Watch this stunning video here on Rumble:

Now, if you think that’s bad just wait.

It has been reported that Pentagon has just handed over the world’s largest naval base to NATO.


That should make you feel very uneasy to say the very least at this point.

It reeks of one-world government gripping the United States deeper into its clutches.

And Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley presiding over NATO’s new American headquarters doesn’t calm my suspicions.

His ridiculous pandering to Critical Race Theory and comments about a Trump coup should make Americans worry about its politicized military leadership.

WTKR reported:

NATO’s newest headquarters is now fully operational in Norfolk.

Joint Force Command Norfolk, has reached Full Operational Capability (FOC) and held a ceremony on Thursday at 10 a.m., to mark the occasion.

This new command is part of the allied command operations structure, the Navy said. It will provide a United States-led, joint multi-national operational command, supported by component, Allied and partner commands, responsible for the North Atlantic and the High North.

Its mission is to protect the Strategic Lines of Communication across all domains, and enable the reinforcement of Europe, according to the Navy.

Military leaders said China and Russia are upping their presence in the Atlantic. “Both have increased their presence in the Atlantic region from the Arctic Circle to the South Pole and that requires a proactive approach,” said Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis, the commander of JFC Norfolk.

The new headquarters is the first on US soil and military officials say is key to protecting the Atlantic. “To be fully operational means we can do our mission that we are assigned,” said Lewis.

The military’s top officer came to Norfolk for the event. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley stressed the importance of NATO. “The U.S. does not fight wars alone. We have an incredible network of allies about the world,” said Milley. “[The headquarters] is representative of what is needed in the future to maintain the deterrence, to maintain the great power of peace, and prevent great power war.”

I fear things are just getting started for a showdown as we have never seen before.

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