• July 17, 2024

What He Told These Pro Abortion Ghouls Made Their Jaws Drop! [VIDEO]

A group of pro-abortion protestors gathered outside a clinic when they were approached by a man asking “if all black lives matter.”

In unison (like drones) the group said “yes.”

The man then asked if all black lives mattered that were killed by black-on-black crime and again the crowd answered in unison yes. One woman even took a knee in front of the man holding the camera that was presumably black.

The man then silenced the crowd by asking if all black lives matter that were killed in abortion clinics. The crowd went silent and the man lectured them about left-wing hypocrisy.

In other areas of the country, leftists are calling for violence and pro-abortion protestors are getting dangerous.

Protestors also stormed into a Catholic church during Mass.

A pro-life organization was attacked as well and the police have opened an arson investigation.


The Daily Allegiant