• July 24, 2024

What She Saw The Burger King Employee Taking Her Order Doing Had Her Calling The Cops Immediately!

After ordering one meal in one of the Burger King stores in Ohio, a customer discovered that something that is not right is going on and she needs to do something in order to stop it from happening again to more customers.

Trisha Ryan went to Burger King to grab a quick bite for her lunch when she observed something off from the store. Ryan handed her credit card to the cashier and after pulling up her card window she saw that a man behind the cashier took a picture of her credit card. This made her pay more attention and decided to watch the employee more closely.

Ryan recalled that “I saw him grab his phone line it up, hover it over something on the counter, took a picture, then he did some more handwork and then he took another picture and gave me my receipt, I said, ‘Hey, I just saw you take a picture of my card.’ He’s like, ‘No, I didn’t,’ and he continued to argue with me.”

She then called the manager that took the employees phone, after looking into the device, the manager called the police and said that “I have an employee that’s been taking pictures of people’s credit cards. I took his phone from him because a customer saw him do it, and he has more than one credit card on here,” the general manager of the restaurant told the 911 dispatcher.

Watch it here: LOCAL 12/Youtube

Aside from Ryan’s credit card picture, there were still other credit cards on it that surely belong to different customers. Good thing that she happened to catch this conning activity and gladly reported it to the authorities.

From this incident, it is important to make it a habit to always check your statements regularly for unauthorized activity. If reported promptly, most credit card companies will issue a refund for the charges and eat the loss. This is another reason to use credit rather than debit cards. It’s harder to get refunds in cases of debit card fraud and the associated delays could result in missed bills and added stress.

The said employee who took the picture was reportedly fired but according to the Local 12 report, the employee is not facing any charges yet because of the reason that taking a photo alone isn’t a crime.

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