• April 17, 2024

What The White House Is Blaming Biden’s Dog’s Serial Biting Spree On Is Beyond All…

It’s really stressful being a Biden.

We’ve all heard the stories of Ashley Biden’s pot parties, and let’s not even start on Hunter Biden’s history of sex, drugs and bribery at international levels.

But critics of the Biden family are having a hard time accepting that even the first family’s dog’s bad behavior is due to the “stress” of daddy’s job,

The Bidens’ newest German Shepherd, Commander, has bitten not one or two but seven Secret Service members in the last four months, which led to one Secret Service member being sent to the hospital, according to the New York Post.

This was after the Bidens’ first, first dog, Major, was sent away for bad behavior after also biting Secret Service agents.

First lady Jill Biden’s spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander explained the problems of being the first dog in a statement, saying, “The White House complex is a unique and often stressful environment for family pets, and the first family is working through ways to make this situation better for everyone.”

During her regular press briefing on Tuesday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to provide further information when questioned about Commander’s behavior.

But Twitter users weren’t about to let sleeping dogs lie.

“No, it’s bad owners,” a Twitter user and dog owner tweeted. “According to this article, they allowed the dogs to run loose around strangers which is wrong, they should have never brought the dogs to the White House in the first place, it’s too busy and stressful for untrained, unmannered animals.”

Twitter users also seemed to point out that there seemed to be a common denominator, and it wasn’t the dogs.

One Twitter user wrote, “I love dogs. There are no bad dogs, only bad people who have dogs. It’s time for the Bidens to stop trying to make the dog thing happen. They’re clearly not up for it.”

“Two aggressive dogs in a row??? I’m thinking it’s a problem with the owners…” another tweet said.

Not only did Twitter users blast the Bidens for their bad “dog-parenting” skills, but many were quick to point out that, just like the Biden children, the Biden dogs seem to escape the consequences of their actions.

“If my dog bit anywhere near that many people it would be put down by court order,” one Twitter user said.

Another user explained his frustration, writing, “[I]f my dog bit ten people in four months, I think they’d try to put him down. So why is Biden’s dog out here biting ten people? Granted, I don’t want to see Biden’s dog put down. I think Biden is the worst leader since Hitler, but I think every man deserves the love of a dog. But what is it with these people and following rules?”

When it comes to the Biden household, clearly, the rules don’t apply.

Even the Biden dogs have apparent immunity from legal consequences.

This is just another double standard in a string of double standards.

For instance:

Cocaine is a crime that should be thoroughly investigated, unless it’s found in the Biden White House.

Removing documents from the White House is illegal, unless Joe Biden does it.

Lying on a gun application will land you in jail, unless you’re the president’s son.

Bribery, corruption … the list goes on.

It’s no wonder many Americans think this administration has gone to the dogs.



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