• July 13, 2024

When They Said Their Bought Their House From Amazon, I Had To See Inside It Immediately…

It is no secret that Amazon sells virtually anything. The online retail giant sells anything from the most mundane items like books and blenders to crazy stuff like uranium ore and Old Man wall decals. Now, we heard it is selling entire houses too. And when say “entire houses,” we are not talking about real estate properties. It is the actual house where you will be needing land to put on.

Though this whole house business is not entirely new. Generations ago, hard-working Americans had the ability to purchase a single-family home from a Sears catalog.

Sears would provide Americans with a blueprint and all the parts and tools necessary to build the house from the ground up. Over the one hundred years since Sears was selling homes in their catalog, a lot has changed, and a new retailer has risen from the ashes of the American retail landscape – Amazon.


Now, Amazon is making this tiny trend possible for any home shopper, offering a number of prefabricated houses on its site – and some are selling like hotcakes.

What a wonderful world of Amazon homes! You literally can find a mini house for sale among the Amazon listings of your favorite books, necessities, and things you can’t live without…

You can actually buy entire cabin kits on Amazon to build all on your own in addition to the tiny house movement and walk through the building process.

There are a variety of floor plans available for your new home…your new lake house or main house from some of the top tiny house kits around.

It’s 540 square footage of living space in the main area, including a kitchen, full bathroom, living area, two bedrooms, and an open floor plan with plenty of natural light.

There’s also another 218 square feet in the sleeping loft, leaving you with about 750 feet of living space! It is a cozy home that leaves fewer carbon footprints.

So what happens when you order a house on Amazon?

It’s a little bit like ordering one from Ikea, if Ikea sold houses. You’re going to have to put it together yourself which does require a certain skill level, necessary hardware, power tools, and building experience.

The Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit does come with everything you need to build a house of your own, except for the foundation and the roof shingles.

This solid wood cabin includes all the parts and hardware–nails, screws, fixings, handles, and door locks. It even comes with step-by-step assembly instructions!

How cool would that be, to actually build a little house of your own?

Sure, you’ll need a piece of land to put it on and some construction knowledge, but there is something awesome about the idea of actually building it yourself.

Building your own house doesn’t come cheap. The Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit retails for over $30,000 and takes at least 60-90 days to arrive at your doorstep, but dreaming about it is completely free. Shipping is free too! The smaller and less expensive tiny house kits mentioned above start in the $8,000 range.

Source: AWM

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