• July 13, 2024

When They Saw What This Guy Brought To The Beach With Him, Everyone Began Laughing Hysterically….

A video shows a man walking down Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and holding a sign that reads “God says Christian women dress modest.” A woman he was apparently harassing shuts him down in the viral TikTok.

In a now-viral video, TikTok user @.katie.simmons captured the moment she addressed the protester and pointed out the obvious: Are women supposed to cover up at the beach too?

The video, which was uploaded to the popular video-sharing platform, has already been viewed over 655k in just one week. Several netizens, tired of having patriarchy and religion dictate how they are supposed to dress or present their body, flocked to the comments section to point out the many flaws in whatever logic the protester saw in his beach performance.

The 11-seconds-long video begins by showing a man dressed in what looks like cargo shorts and a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed up, walking by Simmons with the sign pointedly positioned towards her. Referring to the Bible passage 1 Timothy 2:9 — I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes — the sign also urged women to repent and “Turn to Jesus.”

“Sir, it’s a beach,” Simmonscan be heard saying in the clip. “Are we supposed to dress modestly at a beach?”

“God doesn’t want women —” the man begins before Katie interrupts with, “What if God is fake?” Then the video cuts out.

The video received over 190,000 likes and thousands of comments, with fans who couldn’t believe the man was out there on a beach—a place where little people dress modestly—to tell people to put more clothes on.

“It’s like going to a bar and being mad that people are drinking,” someone stated. “Find a better use of your time and let people live.”

“How dare people wear SWIM SUITS to a BEACH,” another person said.

“Bro why do people have the need to push their religion on others like that??” another person questioned.

“He’s just out there as an excuse to stare at women without them feeling uncomfortable,” suggested one woman.

“No but seriously, cover up—being at a beach is not an excuse to show your ankles, sir!” another person joked, referring to the man who was clearly showing off his ankles.

Watch the viral TikTok video below:

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