• July 25, 2024

Whoopi Goldberg Tries to Defend ‘Poopy Pants’ Biden

Whoopi Goldberg Tries to Defend ‘Poopy Pants’ Biden – Winds Up Creeping Out America

If you ever wanted a lesson in widescale denial, just watch establishment Democrats these days. The higher-ups within the party are bending over backward to explain away Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. Anyone with half a brain knows Biden isn’t fit to hold office. Yet the man—and his corrupt family—refuse to drop from the race.

Democrats are stuck. There is little time to find a replacement. They know this, so some are just pretending as if Biden is fine.

Others are coming up with another kind of tactic. Leave it to the harpies on The View to admit Biden is senile, but not care. Whoopi Goldberg tried to defend Biden in the very worst way. She admitted that he was impaired, but she didn’t care. She then claimed Biden can do this and she wouldn’t care.

From Daily Wire:
Whoopi Goldberg said on Monday that she did not care whether President Joe Biden could string together a coherent thought or even if he “pooped his pants” — a sentiment she punctuated by claiming that she herself has “poopy days all the time.”…

“I step in so much poo you can’t even imagine. Now, I’m not running the world, but I don’t know anybody who doesn’t step in … stuff at some point.”

I don’t think anyone doubts you have poopy days, Whoopi. But for anyone to accept that the president has cognitive decline and does not care is particularly absurd. What she is really saying is, “As long as it isn’t Donald Trump, I’m fine with it.”

We’ve seen how poorly Biden has led the country. We know why. That, while much is being done by his handlers, Biden still holds the reins of the country. And he is far too gone to do anything right. But Whoopi doesn’t mind, because he’s a Democrat.

Democrats seem to realize they won’t be able to find a replacement in time. So, they are now just pretending like “poopy pants” Biden is a perfectly fine choice for president. Americans are not on Whoopi’s side. And Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld had the perfect reply.

From Mediaite:
“Well, you know what? We’re not worried about what’s in his pants. It’s up here. He’s got sh*t for brains. But the thing is with Whoopi is that that is an example of pure selfishness. She’s saying that because of her emotional disturbance over Trump is so deep, that she is willing to let that take control over logic and reason. She would put the country at risk with a man who is not there because she doesn’t like that guy.”

Exactly. Democrats are willing to accept a senile president, just because they don’t like Donald Trump. But we’ve had a senile president for four years and he’s only hurt working Americans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whoopi Goldberg dismissed Biden’s cognitive decline, saying she was fine with him “pooping his pants.”
  • The View host said this, it seems, because she would rather see a sick Biden in office than Trump.
  • Goldberg’s comments were mocked by pundits, including Greg Gutfeld who took her down a peg.

Source: Daily Wire, Mediaite


Mick Farthing

Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.

Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.


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