• June 21, 2024

Why The White House Is AFRAID Of Elon Musk Is….

Recent reports show that the Biden administration is in so much fear when the name Elon Musk is being mentioned.

The White House staffers’ biggest fear is that Elon Musk would make a move that would embarrass Joe Biden and the current administration and this is what they are trying to avoid happening.

This only proved that the Biden Administration is fearful how Musk—who wields considerable sway over public opinion.

This might have something to do with how the current administration ignored Tesla in the broader policy conversation surrounding electric vehicles.

We are all aware of how the current so-called President is on the headlines of many reports calling him with a cognitive decline, could hiding this be an unspoken motivation behind the staffer’s concerns?

The latest reports indicate:

Here’s an excerpt from New York Post claims:

Some of Biden’s top advisers have purportedly warned against inviting Musk to the White House over fears he would say something to embarrass the administration.

The billionaire has repeatedly slammed the White House for failing to mention Tesla while discussing its plans for major nationwide investments in electric vehicles.

CNBC also reported:

Some in the administration have privately called Musk names, such as “a–hole,” for what he has said about Biden, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

“I have nothing against Biden otherwise, apart from general concern about more deficit spending, which would apply to any president, and actively supported the Obama-Biden election,” Musk told CNBC on Tuesday.

Sources: We Love Trump, CNBC, New York Post

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