• July 24, 2024

“Woke” US Women’s Soccer Stayed Asleep As They LOSE And Are Out Of Olympics!

US Women’s Soccer has been a subject of so much controversy in the United States. If there is something to protest in this country, this team has been a part of it. In so much irony, now their team can’t even win matches.

The US Women’s Soccer team lost to Canada 1-0 eliminating their chances at an Olympic Gold. What an embarrassment for a team that had made themselves out to be such a dominant force in Women’s Soccer.

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The U.S. women’s soccer team took another upset on Monday morning, losing to Canada for the first time since 2001 and getting knocked from gold medal contention.

The women’s team, ranked number one in the world and expected to take home the gold, lost 1-0 in the semifinal contest.

Team USA got off to a rocky start at the Tokyo Olympics, losing their opener to Sweden 3-0. Notably, before the game, all 22 players took a knee in solidarity with the radical leftist group Black Lives Matter before the game, a major point of contention with U.S. fans.

As noted by Yahoo! Sports, athletes at the Tokyo Olympics were given space to protest before games and events. Team USA knelt before their kickoff, just as players on Sweden’s women’s team did.

The single goal was scored by Canada’s Jessie Fleming late in the second half, a penalty kick that sneaked by backup goalkeeper Adrianna Franch.

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